Children’s Books

May 18, 2019

Rainbow in My Room

"Rainbow in My Room" by Maiyang Saridjo

What a mess! It’s clean-up time!We remind our little ones to tidy up after they play with toys or do some messy art. Who would have thought cleaning up would be such fun?This joyful clean-up before bed time story will make children enjoy and appreciate a mess-free and colorful room, just like a rainbow!


February 17, 2019

Edged Up

"Edged Up: My Fair Share for Christmas" by Marvin Koyo 

Each winter break, Eddie goes visit his family living in New York for business matters. This year, he comes to take his liquidity. Unfortunately, some issues have arisen while discussing during the Christmas dinner.


January 15, 2019

Granny and Miss Stella

"Granny and Miss Stella" by Bethany Hines

Some people may say they're a little too old for adventure, but Granny doesn't think so! Tag along with Granny and her best friend Miss Stella as they go into town and have many fun adventures. From the bus to the department store to the hair salon, Granny and Miss Stella love spending time with each other and show that true friendships never end--no matter how old you might be! With beautiful illustrations and a touching story of friendship through the eyes of Granny’s granddaughter, Granny and Miss Stella is a wonderful story of happiness, love, and friendship to share with your little ones. This is the perfect book to snuggle up to your kids with, designed for reading aloud to your kids.


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December 26, 2018

The Moonlight Kingdom

"The Moonlight Kingdom (A journey among the planets around us)" by Shahar Levy

Suddenly, the sun met her little sister Moon and saw that her face was pale. “What happened? Why are you sad?” “I’m sad, because I don’t know the role of each one in the kingdom.” “If so,” answered the sun, “come with me for a journey... ******** Do you want to go on a trip to the Solar System together with the moon, and meet new friends? A creative and imaginative children's story that takes a parent and child on a journey among the planets around us.


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