Coloring Books for Grown-Ups

November 18, 2017

Myths and Monsters

"Myths and Monsters Grown-up Coloring Book, Volume 1" by M. Patrick Duggan

| Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Coloring Book for grown-ups with 30 Art Nouveau and Art Deco inspired illustrations of mythical gods, goddesses, monsters, heroes, and creatures. Includes commentary on the Art Nouveau movement, along with notes about mythology across multiple cultures. Reviews: "Can not say how much I love this book!" I've been wondering where this book has been all my life? It's a great book of Gods, Goddesses and mythological figures. Figures depicted with care and reverence, not just the standard Greco-Roman faire either. It's peppered with Native American, Egyptian, West African, Hindu, Buddhist deities and figures. And its done in the Art Nouveau style, there are details but not too many as you can add your own. Plus the info about each figure depicted is great and adds some humor. Each drawing/peice is one sided so ideal for watercolor, markers or gel pens as long as you slip a blank sheet behind. If you like Mythology and Art Nouveau you won't be disappointed. Can't wait for who volume 2 brings us. ~Roshshonna L. Ridout "Two Very Enthusiastic Thumbs Up!" Full disclosure: the artist/writer is my younger brother. Don't let that fool you about my high rating as he's been the bane of my existence most of my life, especially during adolescence. This coloring book, however, is really a testament to his creativity. It's not just the pictures, it's the informative, yet very amusing, little descriptions that make it special. I love it and have even bought more that one copy...which reminds me, don't you think he should've tossed me a complimentary copy or two? Brothers, good grief. ~Jaye


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April 5, 2017

Color To Relax

"Color To Relax: Beautiful Teacup Sets & Teapots " by Rita Selle-Grider

Color To Relax: Teacup Sets & Tea Pots is a coloring book which draws not only adults and teens into the theme that love to drink tea, but also those who delight to explore this theme and it’s aura in a creative and artistic way. The 30 hand-drawn images offer something for every skill level. Designs include: Teacups & sets, teapots, modern & vintage designs, some include cats, flowers, pastry, and more! They are single sided for best coloring experience. Each coloring image is designed to help you relax, unlock precious memories, and elevate your spirit. Drinking tea is far beyond just consuming a beverage, it is about healthy herbs to benefit the body and spirit, and taking time to unwind even for a short time. Drinking tea is a beneficial ritual not just for cold days. Combined with coloring the health effects are maximized. This coloring book makes therefore a perfect gift for yourself, your family and friends. So get yourself one or two while it is on sale for just $5.38 for the next five days!


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March 23, 2017

Adult Coloring Book

"Adult Coloring Book: Alternative Cuss Words " by Nathaniel Wake

Laugh, Color and Reduce Stress

We’ve all had one of those days--when nothing seems to go your way and only a few choice words can describe it. The next time you find yourself stressed out over life’s many stressors, chill out and have yourself a good laugh with Alternative Swear Words. This hilarious, cathartic adult coloring book is packed full of 50 fun, silly alternatives to your favorite swears. Each alternative swear word is folded into a unique and amazing design that you can color. Coloring is not only a fun way to pass the time but it is also proven to help reduce stress and promote mindfulness. So the next time you feel like popping off, grab your favorite pencils, crayons, or markers and go to town with your new favorite swear words. Adult Coloring Books include 100% original designs with absolutely no reprints. Grab your copy of 50 Alternative Swear Words today!


March 22, 2017

Sweary Words Coloring Book

"Sweary Words Coloring Book" by Lucky Joe Johnson

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