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January 15, 2017

Comic Book Value Pack (Includes 25 issues)

Comic books remain an enduring American pastime. A love of slipping away into the world of the X-Men, Batman, Spider-Man, and so many of heroes transcends generations. With this in mind, Birth Comics Death has designed a comic book value pack for those new to comic books or for those rekindling an old hobby. You'll get 25 hand-selected comics. We are careful to include major titles from Marvel and DC. However, we also tuck in a few lesser know titles from Independent publishers. Some comics are very recent, others date back all to the 1980s. The end goal is to give the customer a carefully curated introduction to the incredibly diverse world of comics.All packs come with 25 different comics, 3 collector cards, Birth Comics Death © sticker, and intro to comic grading card. You will NEVER get duplicates of an issue within an individual pack.
Packs are made up 2/3 Marvel & DC and 1/3 Independents (e.g. Image, Valiant, Dark Horse, etc). We make sure they include familiar titles and also some more obscure titles.
All comics are screened for explicit content (e.g. nudity). We are careful to only include comics that would be rated PG-13 (we allow PG, A, T, & T+ rated comics in the packs).
All comics meet a condition of "fine" as defined by the Overstreet Grading Criteria. This simply means that these comics, though from the 80s up to today, appear to have been read a few times and has been handled with moderate care.
Birth Comics Death offers an 90 day extended product warranty if sold by an authorized seller.
January 11, 2017

Book Lot 50 Comics Good Condition! (various distributors)

NM / MT 50 COMICS INDIVIDUALLY BAGGED + BOARDED from HUGE LOT SUPERMAN / BATMAN / X-MEN / ETC. Look great as they were new (never read) when they were bagged and boarded. All comics are different, no duplicates.