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June 12, 2019

Connect the Dots

"Connect the Dots: Turn Strangers into Meaningful Network Relationships" by Sapna Malhotra

If you hate networking, want to optimize your networking opportunities, or simply don't know how to network then this book is for you! I'm bringing the fun and ease back into networking. Somewhere in the recent past, networking became an almost meaningless mechanical exchange of handshakes, business cards, and no authentic value. The rise of loneliness, depression, social anxiety, all indicate that people find it harder to authentically connect with others. And while networking is an essential life skill, it's not taught in schools. This book reveals the techniques that will have you networking with ease as you build meaningful relationships. Meeting strangers is intimidating at the best of times, and then trying to make small talk on top of that?! But I share many of the techniques that management consultants use. I even explain how introverts can say nothing and still be seen as the best conversationalist in the room! Who doesn’t want to meet interesting, inspiring people? There is no shortage of reasons to put ourselves out there. This book provides you with the tools and the process for networking in person – and on social media. You'll discover: - easy and fun ice-breakers, - how to introduce yourself that makes you more intriguing - how to follow-up with contacts - The etiquette of networking - how to start building relationships that will create more opportunities Get ready to start networking with ease – and have fun doing it!


June 3, 2019

Wealth is for everyone

"Wealth is for everyone: God's wealth creation strategies" by Jake Prince, Olubamike Fadipe

This book is written with the aim of inspiring all to the pursuit of wealth creation. The wisdom shared in it is distilled from the scriptures, life and nature.


May 17, 2019

How to get more Clout

"How to get more Clout: A proven formula for more influence with customers and colleagues one conversation at a time" by Peter J Anthony

Clout is your ability to be more successful by knowing how to get other people to achieve things with you. How to Get More Clout shows you a simple 6-step way to have conversations that get more done. You can use any of the steps to achieve more right away or use all six together to turbocharge your impact with colleagues and customers. What’s the most vital way for you to spend time in a sales role? If you said, ‘being face-to-face with my customers,’ you are right. But a better, more effective answer is, ‘influencing my customers when I meet with them.’ Everything else you do, from territory and account planning through to product knowledge and training, merely prepares you for the main event – the face to face customer conversation. The influence you have on your customers and stakeholders is the most valuable currency you have. That currency is called clout. What does it take to be brilliant at having clout? We communicate all the time, so why do we fail at it so often? It’s not a matter of being the smartest – there are plenty of smart people who find it challenging to understand a customer’s point of view. Neither is it knowledge – there are lots of people who know everything about a product or service, except how to explain it to you. It’s the difference between IQ, which is being smart with things, and EQ, which is being smart with people.


May 14, 2019

Os Passos

"Os Passos: 12 Segredos para as Crianças Prosperarem e Serem Felizes na Vida" by  Andrew Watson  (Author), Charles Watson

Quando Estela, uma jornalista de sucesso, depara-se com um menino de cinco anos que sabe ler melhor do que a maioria dos adultos, ela não imagina que sua vida mudará radicalmente. Intrigada com a grande habilidade do garoto, descobre que ele é acompanhado, na Clínica Despertar, pelo renomado neurocientista, doutor Michael Jansen, chamado também de “o mago dos bebês”. Lá, Estela toma conhecimento de Os Passos, um protocolo inovador, baseado nos avanços da neurociência e psicologia, que tem como proposta trabalhar temas fundamentais, tais quais o desenvolvimento da comunicação e da linguagem da criança, a leitura precoce, a criatividade, o autocontrole, a disciplina, os valores, entre outros, a fim de que tenham as ferramentas necessárias para promover o desenvolvimento cognitivo, psicomotor e afetivo do bebê, da criança e do adolescente. Dr. Michael Jansen resolve compartilhar com Estela Os 12 Passos contidos no protocolo. Nesse meio tempo, ela descobre que está grávida. Que melhor época poderia haver para descobrir se Os Passos realmente funcionam?