Education & Reference

August 19, 2019

Understanding Medicines for Anxiety

"Understanding Medicines for Anxiety" by Wallace B. Mendelson

| Website | About one third of U.S. adults experience an anxiety disorder during their lifetime, and one in five have had one in the past year. The consequences of anxiety go far beyond the suffering experienced by the individual. When anxiety and depression appear together, the impact on health is as great as that of obesity or smoking. The effects of panic disorder on mental well-being can be greater than that of heart disease and cancer. In seeking relief, many Americans—as many as 15 percent every year—take medications, which come in what can seem a bewildering variety. In this book, Dr. Mendelson draws on 40 years of experience in demystifying anti-anxiety medicines, explaining the science behind them, their benefits, limitations, and drawbacks, as well as non-medicine alternatives. Because of their widespread use, marijuana and CBD are also discussed, emphasizing both what we know about them and what we don’t. Lavishly illustrated and written with both compassion and scientific precision, this book is an essential guide for anyone who wishes to understand treatments available for anxiety.


August 1, 2019

Finding Your Sexual Voice

"Finding Your Sexual Voice: Celebrating Female Sexuality" by Barry McCarthy,  Emily J. McCarthy

Finding Your Sexual Voice promotes the genuine understanding of strong female sexuality and empowers women to value desire, pleasure, eroticism, and satisfaction. The book confronts myths and misunderstandings about female sexuality, especially desire, and encourages an increased understanding of healthy couple sexuality so that the woman and man can be intimate and erotic allies. Each chapter includes a detailed psychosexual exercise, as well as a range of motivating case studies, to help women to discover their sexual style and value their sexual voice. The guide also expands the concept of sex to include sensual, playful, and erotic touch, and emphasizes the multiple roles and meanings of the Good Enough Sex (GES) model. This accessible and powerful book is pro-female, pro-couple, and pro-sexuality, and will be valuable reading for women, from 25-85, looking to build strong, resilient desire and to embrace female sexuality. It will also be of use to couples who are dealing with sexual dissatisfaction, as well as all mental health professionals involved in the fields of marriage, couple, and sex therapy.


June 12, 2019

Connect the Dots

"Connect the Dots: Turn Strangers into Meaningful Network Relationships" by Sapna Malhotra

If you hate networking, want to optimize your networking opportunities, or simply don't know how to network then this book is for you! I'm bringing the fun and ease back into networking. Somewhere in the recent past, networking became an almost meaningless mechanical exchange of handshakes, business cards, and no authentic value. The rise of loneliness, depression, social anxiety, all indicate that people find it harder to authentically connect with others. And while networking is an essential life skill, it's not taught in schools. This book reveals the techniques that will have you networking with ease as you build meaningful relationships. Meeting strangers is intimidating at the best of times, and then trying to make small talk on top of that?! But I share many of the techniques that management consultants use. I even explain how introverts can say nothing and still be seen as the best conversationalist in the room! Who doesn’t want to meet interesting, inspiring people? There is no shortage of reasons to put ourselves out there. This book provides you with the tools and the process for networking in person – and on social media. You'll discover: - easy and fun ice-breakers, - how to introduce yourself that makes you more intriguing - how to follow-up with contacts - The etiquette of networking - how to start building relationships that will create more opportunities Get ready to start networking with ease – and have fun doing it!


June 3, 2019

Wealth is for everyone

"Wealth is for everyone: God's wealth creation strategies" by Jake Prince, Olubamike Fadipe

This book is written with the aim of inspiring all to the pursuit of wealth creation. The wisdom shared in it is distilled from the scriptures, life and nature.