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February 23, 2018

Social Wealth

"Social Wealth" by Jason Treu

| Website | LinkedIn | Have you ever admired those successful, confident, motivated, and charismatic people who seem to have it all? They've climbed the corporate ladder quickly or started a great business. Their love life is amazing and they have fantastic friends. They've made all the right connections. They've mastered networking and how to build relationships. They're very persuasive and created significant influence with people. And...all of this has opened up limitless opportunities for them. What's their secret? What breakthroughs have they learned that you haven't? They have figured out the biggest predictor of success is...Social Wealth Everything we create in life is with or through other people. No one goes it alone. We value our experiences and relationships with other people above everything else. Your legacy comes down to becoming rich in all your relationships. Stuck in your career? Wishing you could find passionate love in your life? Want to be a top producer in your field? Having trouble building business relationships and networking? Want to improve your leadership, social, communication, and emotional skills? Desire to create more meaningful connections with people in your life? Do you want to have more influence and persuasion? Do you want to be more vulnerable, authentic, confident and courageous? If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions... Social Wealth will give you the blueprint and action steps you've been looking for to achieve the success you desire and deserve.


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February 13, 2018

Meta Leadership

"Meta Leadership" by J. Michael Stattelman

This book is focused on "Next Practices" over "Best Practices",proven effective, adaptable and evolutionary modeled after the hyper-competitive landscape the world has become. From CIO, CTO, Director, Supervisor, Manager, Program/Project manager, Architect, Engineer, Tech lead, Business Analyst, Test lead, Data scientist, Data modeler, DBA, Developer or Tester. Whether you work in Management, Analytics, Operations, Marketing, Software, Hardware, Networking, Accounting, Social Media, Help Desk, Sales, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Food Service, Staffing or Compliance and want better. The strategies and tactics herein are proven to make things happen if you apply them. We will cover everything from end to end of what it takes to dramatically increase your competency as well as how to garner support and relentless execution . Such topics as latency, data ecosystems, real incentives versus typical raises. War gaming scenarios, The power of 3's, H.A.N.D.S. 360, A/B Testing, How to deal with the Agency Problem, How to run effective meetings, How to continuously get better and faster at decision making, as well as how to get your clients to enjoy paying you and spending more. There is no other text on the market that has the breadth as well as depth of actions for you to take to launch yourself, team, unit and organization forward TODAY, completely sustainable and portable for where ever your career takes you. Technology touches every industry and in a nightmarish paradox it changes at a faster rate than any other industry. You must accept that; you have to adapt with the changes or get left behind like so many once great organizations and the individuals that not only ran them into the ground but the "yes" men and women that were employed by them that allowed it to happen. Today's IT as well as business leaders have to account for digital disruption at rapidly approaching paranoia levels. No entity, organization or government is beyond its reach. Not manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, retail, construction, legal, transportation, military or even civil infrastructure.


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February 5, 2018

Anxiety and Depression

"Anxiety and Depression: How I Cured My Anxiety Attacks Permanently Without the Use of Prescription Drugs" by James Wayne

Use These Powerful Strategies to Eliminate Anxiety and Panic Attacks Permanently Today! Does your anxiety make you feel as though your life is just nothing but worry and fear? Do you feel that your normal life is down the drain from the never-ending stress? Is your anxiety so horrible that you are finding yourself getting anxiety/panic attacks and it is getting in the way of your personal life? Are you looking to free yourself of depression and overthinking? Most people would be very tempted to go to the Doctor's office and get a prescription written out to them in order to acquire the drug that will cure your anxiety or so they say, but that isn't the case, especially since you will end up dealing with other side effects, then you'd have to address those additional symptoms and sooner than you know it you'll be making another phone call to set up a Doctor's appointment once again. When you really think about it, it's a never-ending cycle and you will always feel like a dog that's chasing its tail. What you really need is a way to cure your anxiety permanently without any prescription drugs. In this book I will show you multiple solutions to solve your problems, thus rid you of anxiety forever. 


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February 4, 2018

Begin Lightspeed Learning

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"Begin Lightspeed Learning: Simple Steps To Accelerate Your Learning Curve" by  J.R. Sewell

| Facebook | Win a Copy | Having trouble remembering things you just learned? Struggling with your productivity? Can't manage your time efficiently? Discover the book which will put you ahead while everyone is scrambling to catch up. Begin Lightspeed Learning breaks down all the vital points in the productivity, learning and recollection process to help you retrain your mind. Through the incorporation of step-by-step strategies and thorough explanations, this guidebook will help you unlock your potential and prepares you to achieve any aspirations. In Begin Lightspeed Learning, you'll discover: How to master your productivity How to speed up your learning How to maximize your memory How to recall any set of numbers Time management tactics and so much more! [divider height="30" style="default" line="default" themecolor="1"]