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March 6, 2019

A Handbook to Workplace Culture

"A Handbook to Workplace Culture: Understanding People in the Office" by ACR publishing

Have you ever met Bare minimum Bob, Positive Polly or Negative Nancy there are so many different types of people in an office? Do you how to look out for them and interact with them? If you want to learn more about these types of people continue reading Create a diverse, thriving workplace culture by understanding the different types of workers in your office environment! If you want to have a contagious company culture and a healthy workplace environment, then first you have to understand the types of people that work for you. A Handbook to Workplace Culture is an essential practical guidebook that provides strategies to utilize office dynamics, communicate more effectively, and grow a company culture that is both productive and enjoyable. Whether it’s your first job, you’ve transitioned into a new position, or you’ve been searching for a way to improve your current office environment, A Handbook to Workplace Culture is the perfect book to help you understand: -If you could understand the general workplace personalities -Working and building relationships with different personality types -Could you be more Effective with your Team -Do you want to understand people so you can improving office morale -Do you want a be better at delegating and solving problems -Can you create a positive environment?


February 21, 2019

Women’s Self-Defense in a Changing World

"Women's Self-Defense in a Changing World" by Lynn M. Jessee Clifford C Crandall Jr.

| Website | This book can make a difference in how you feel about yourself and how you live your life. Who were we thinking about when we wrote this Women’s Self-Defense Book? We were thinking of educated, active women who realize their importance. Whether you have taken your focus and strengths into the competitive career world or committed your unique abilities to the complexity of guiding a family through the maze of changing life experiences, this book will change your perceptions of how to respond to encroaching outsiders and ultimately how to respond to that once in a lifetime assault situation.This book has the key, and the key is knowledge. Based on over 50 years of seminars held in high schools, colleges, YWCAs, rape crises centers, community centers and educational TV presentations, this book approaches the topic and skills of Women’s Self-Defense from a fresh new perspective. Clifford Crandall Jr., a New York State educator known worldwide for his videos, books and seminars, is joined with Lynn Jessee and her medical background and personal passion to help people live safer, more productive lives. YOU CAN DO SOMETHING.


February 18, 2019

Study for Life success

"Study for Life success: 7 Effective Steps to Excellence" by Faiz IBRAHIM 

| YouTube | This book contains a simple summary, runs the experiences of many scientists and experts of human development in their fields, which I learned from them and use the information which is useful in each unit to enrich it. Additionally I added to it a summary of my experiences which I have been through periods of study in Per stages and especially the present time, when I’m completing my MBA studies which is a unique experience for me where I face difficult circumstances because of many activities at the same time . As a part-time study and a lot of activities made me revise my calculations well and taught me a lot about the importance of science .Also I add some of my experiences which I gained from working for more than six years in the Ministry of Education . This taught me a lot from dealing with students in schools and training courses. During this period I was taking observations from many students and also I looked in many sources to feed and enrich the book for the benefit of students and urging them to continue learning and contribute to the development of their skills and creative abilities. At the end I ask Allah to help me in success in the delivery of books material to the mind of the recipient. This book is a few steps to help you progress your level in school or college. It is enriched with a lot of thoughts from different recourses and supported by the stories of our reality and many stories of great scientists. The book starts with the benefits of science and its importance for human been. Also I talked about the roles of related elements in making a successful generation and these are (the organization, teacher, parents and students. Then I moved to the seven steps which I considered it from my experience in the education environment and my readings will be helpful for students to improve themselves.


February 3, 2019

Breaking Out of Burnout

"Breaking Out of Burnout: Overcoming Mid-Career Burnout and Coming Back Stronger" by Rex Baker

This easy-reading book offers practical, yet powerful tools for overcoming career burnout and rebuilding a life of purpose. The author shares his own story of overcoming burnout and focuses on substantive ways to empower yourself in your life and career. The book can be read in one day with life change beginning immediately.


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