October 13, 2018

VampireS (€) X

"VampireS (€) X " by Bryan Genesse

I Am Demon. And God. The Last Of My Kind. Read My Story At Your Own Peril... a memoir of secrets revealed. Relentless, painfully honest, thrillingly intimate and a true account of anguish and immortality told by an author in hiding who after 1000 years might still walk amongst us. A stunning tale unlike any other in the genre, for the author, promises to dispel every lie, myth and fable told in all the made-up stories ever written about vampires. Spanning across continents and centuries from New York City to Italy to North Africa and deep into jungles of the Mayan Coast, the author weaves a relentless tale of infinite love, relentless wars and dancing with madness while divulging the realities of being an immortal...whose gender and sexual appetites are the biggest enigmas of all. A tsunami of revelations leads to the unimaginable: how anyone, whether mortal or immortal, can still turn a human into a vampire. If you do not believe this journal is NonFiction as soon as you start reading you will. If you do not read this memoir in one sitting; if instead, you decide to go to sleep—Do Not Turn Off The Lights. Believe me! The author does not require an invitation to enter your home that is a myth! This is...the Truth.


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May 9, 2017

Rugged and DEEP! (14 Story Collection of Western Cowboys)


They sure know how to...

But, might they get a little too hands on? 14 stories inside to answer that mouth-watering question!