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November 21, 2017

Beautiful Day Journal

"Beautiful Day Journal" by Sun Light Journal

Beautiful Day Journal Brings You Into The State of Mindfulness. It helps you to focus on what are beautiful, joyful and grateful in life. Writing sends signal to your brain “ these are important”.  This journal is structured to promote overall being emotionally, physically, and psychologically. 12 additional subjects included for you to write and explore. It's a beautiful Day to write on this Beautiful Day Journal.


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October 20, 2017

Eat and lose weight

"Eat and lose weight!" by Helenne Firr

Healthy eating: basic principles for effective weight loss. Plus a detailed analysis of some products that will help you to lose weight quickly and with pleasure. How your food can help you safely and effectively lose weight? Follow the simple rules of daily nutrition - and to you will return extra pounds to you will not return any extra gram!


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October 5, 2017

Guy Nuts

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"Guy Nuts: Natural Advantage for Men's Health" by Max Walker

There are 7 nuts every man should eat every day. For men's health, nuts provide a natural source of many vitamins and minerals. With advances in technology and latest research we now know that there are 7 critical nuts to help maintain a man's energy and overall health.


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August 27, 2017

Super Woman RX

"Super Woman RX" by Dr. Tasneem (Taz) Bhatia

|Website| The ultimate personalized prescription for health and well-being for every woman Modern womanhood often means juggling multiple roles―businesswoman, mother, spouse, homemaker, and more―all while being expected to look perfectly composed. In other words, it means being superhuman. The truth is, it can seem impossible to maintain physical health while navigating our busy lives. We’re overwhelmed and exhausted, which can often translate into unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, and no time for self-care. But diet and fitness plans are usually one-size-fits-all, and those universal programs just don’t work for every body and every personality. Integrative health and wellness expert Tasneem Bhatia, MD, known to her patients as Dr. Taz, has a plan that is anything but cookie-cutter. Her mission is to help women achieve optimum health, and now she can help you with her personalized plans in Super Woman Rx.