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April 17, 2019

30 Health and Wellness Hacks

"30 Health and Wellness Hacks to Accomplish Anything You Want" by Ben Kuriger

| Facebook | Twitter | Seriously, if you aren’t ready to have your life changed forever, then this isn’t for you. But if you are serious about achieving a status in your life that you never believed possible, then this opportunity came at the right time. If you want to lose weight, be smarter, look better, and feel better, there isn’t a better book on the market. Addressing and fixing every single variable which is compromising your health (including several you’ve NEVER heard of), you’re going to have empowerment and clarity over your own life which you never believed imaginable. Bring this power into your own life today.


April 8, 2019

Intermittent Fasting

"Intermittent Fasting: 4 Steps to Weight Loss, Muscle Growth, Energy Boost, and Body Auto-Healing" by Faouez Khedhiri

Faouez Khedhiri Get This Book and live a convenient and healthy lifestyle. Are you tired from dieting with no RESULTS? Have you been discouraged to start taking care of your health by these restrictive diets? Are you trying to upgrade your body and health while enjoying the food you love? If you answered yes for one of the questions and you are a motivated beginner hoping to jumpstart your journey into Fat Loss, Muscle Growth, Energy Boost, and Body Auto-Healing, then this book “INTERMITTENT FASTING” is the one for you! In the current market of books that offer information about weight loss and maintaining your health, there are few texts that provide an easy guide for beginners to help you make the first steps. Everyone has that moment that makes her/him realize that CHANGE is necessary. I have learned the hard way. You will discover my story and the facts that made me reconsider changing how I’m living and taking care of my health. The start is crucial in any diet or lifestyle change and if you follow misleading or unproven information, your chances to continue are low. Hence, the reason why I will be sharing this amazing approach with abundant information about intermittent fasting is to boost your ability to achieve success with this lifestyle.

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March 29, 2019

Journey of a mad Toni

"Journey of a mad Toni: Detox Body*Stop Smoking*Build Self Esteem" by Ms Tonette Boyd 

Hey Joe you know who my type of people are, those who stay in the car a little longer to hear the ending of a beautiful song. I like people who followed me on Book of Faces and related to my journey and struggle while keeping me encouraged to prevail at the end. I believe myself to be a strong woman who is perceived as cold and mean, simply because I refuse to be mistreated, disrespected or taken for granted. Have you ever wish you could just unmeet someone? I was thinking the other day with clowns terrorizing the streets of Long Beach and a villain billionaire running for President, I do believe we need you Batman. I realize the worst distance between two people is misunderstanding and I have done that most of my life. Today I change the way I communicate with love ones in my life. Grab hold of patience and sit on hurtful words and learn a better vocabulary other than vulgar words. And I forgot to tell you Joe rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots (Yall share that information).


March 21, 2019

Paleo diet

"Paleo diet : The beginner´s guide to the paleo diet - Meal plan." by Michael Yanulov

Use these powerful secrets to be as soon as possible thin! Even the Paleo diet Is Intended to resemble Exactly What Human hunter gatherer ancestors ate tens of thousands of years back. In Spite of the Fact That It's Not Possible to Understand precisely what person ancestors Consumed in various regions of the Earth, scientists believe that their diet plans consisted of foods that are whole. By Abiding by a Completely food-based Diet Plan plan and top emotionally Active lifestyles, hunter gatherers presumably experienced substantially lower levels of life threatening conditions, like hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular illness. The Truth Is That many Reports imply This particular diet may result in Considerable fat reduction (with out calorie-counting ) and main advances in wellness. This Guide is really a Simple introduction into this Paleo diet plan, Supplying a easy meal program along with other basic info, so you need this book now.