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May 3, 2017

Fasting An Exceptional Human Experience

"Fasting: An Exceptional Human Experience " by Randi Fredricks, Ph.D.

| Website | Since prehistory, fasting has been used in various ways as a means of transformation. As a practical guide, Randi Fredricks, Ph.D. provides detailed information on the different types of fasting, where people fast, the physiological process of fasting, and the contraindications and criticisms of fasting. Using existing literature and original research, Dr. Fredricks focuses on the transformative characteristics of fasting in the contexts of psychology, medicine, and spirituality. The relationship between fasting and transpersonal psychology is examined, with a focus on peak experiences, self-realization, and other exceptional human experiences.


April 28, 2017

Acne And Food

"Acne And Food" by Lisa Mason

Although dermatologists have maintained for years that diet does not have any relevance for acne, more recent research has turned up irrefutable evidence that this is not the case, after all. The food we eat does, in fact, have plenty to do with the way acne breakouts develop and progress. It's therefore vital to be acutely aware of what we eat and why, from the point of view of preventing or developing acne, as the case may be. Find out about foods that you should eat and those you should avoid, and the extent to which diet can color your total experience of acne. With 'Could Your Acne Be Caused By Your Diet?' you can delve into the concept of probiotics and the importance of these substances to the health of your skin. Find out how you can shape your diet to address your acne problem, and acquaint yourself with recipes that will help you to overcome the millstone of acne. Take a peek into the evolution and relevance of the Wai diet to combat your acne problem. This, along with an action plan designed to take your acne problem by the horns and put it where it belongs, should be an eye opener.


April 25, 2017

Four Minutes of Leverage

"Four Minutes of Leverage: How to Take Back Control and Organize an Intentional Life" by Claire Fischer

Do you have just four minutes to spare per day? If you have a crazy, hectic, busy life, and want to get a handle on how to become more organized and sane, the guide will help you learn how to begin the process using just four minutes of your time each day. Instead of living in a reaction mode, responding to each day's crisis, you can take charge and live an intentional life, generating your own destiny. Using some simple four minute strategies, you will be able to apply leverage that will give you net savings in time for the future and make you feel like life is possible and enjoyable. Your personal health, your family and relationships, your home, and your career are all addressed, keeping the gears of your life working smoothly in tandem with each other.


March 28, 2017

An Ordinary Dude’s Guide to Meditation

"An Ordinary Dude's Guide to Meditation" by John Weiler

Forget the monks and long-haired hippies, and finally learn what's the real deal with meditation. Written by an ordinary dude, for ordinary dudes, An Ordinary Dude's Guide to Meditation will unravel the perplexing rhetoric often associated with meditation, and speak to you straight – without the religion, fluff or hippie stuff. Packed with practical explanations of meditation's transformation power and techniques to form a weekly practice that sticks, An Ordinary Dude's Guide to Meditation is your first step to gain all the calm and clarity that meditation has to offer. Get Your Copy Free! March 28th - 30


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