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May 21, 2018

How to learn the Art to Live

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"How to learn the Art to Live, Hope and Smile?: A complete guide for being a happy YOU" by Bushra Zia

Where is my life going?’ ‘I don’t know why I can’t be happy?’ From time to time we all ponder how to live happily and we question that why our lives are not the way we like it to be. The problem is that we do not want to break the imprisonment of unhappiness and self doubt. We should try to discover the best way to live life. Life is composed of different emotions but the best way to live life is through happiness. Are you wondering that how can you be happy and how can you learn to live fully then ‘How to learn the Art to Live, Hope and Smile?’ brings everything you need to learn to transform yourself into a super happy you. It contains just everything you always want to know.


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May 17, 2018

The Gratitude Effect

"The Gratitude Effect: Shift your mindset, Optimize your outcomes, and Boost emotional well-being" by Richard J. Cavaness

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Are you leveraging the most UNDERUTILIZED TOOL for improving life satisfaction and increasing happiness? or Are you SETTLING for a life of mediocrity? Your mindset is 100 percent responsible for the outcomes in your life. This truth will open your eyes in a brand new way and to a brand new world: Living a life of Gratitude. In the “The Gratitude Effect” you will dramatically increase your personal wellbeing, shift your mindset, optimize your outcomes, and boost your physical and emotional well-being in life. Author and personal development coach Rich Cavaness shows you how to: • Have the power to determine the direction of your thoughts and your life • Reframe your past so you can be grateful for where you are today • Boost physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing • Understand that your overall happiness is directly connected to this effect • Apply the seven principles of being thankful in your everyday life • Fend off the negative activities that prevent being grateful Through sharing real-life stories and practical teaching points, Rich gives you the tools you need to live your life in gratitude—the catalyst for a positive mental attitude—starting now!


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May 14, 2018



| Website | Facebook | Ever wonder why most people around the world don’t get along with their in-laws? Is it all about the adage that has been in existence for ages – “When you marry someone, you do not marry the individual. Instead, you marry the person’s entire family”? If so, should this give some in-laws the right to be cruel and nasty to new members of the family?  This book introduces readers to simple ways they can recognize, handle and survive toxic in-laws while protecting their marriage. Surviving Toxic In-Laws is a couple’s guide to building and creating a more united front as a couple. Written for all couples, married or not, that desire to uproot any ounce of toxicity sprouting from their in-laws. Written for couples currently under the wrath of toxic in-laws and are eager to acquire ways on how to cope with toxic in-laws; gain tips on how to counter their toxic in-laws’ evil actions with wits about them, especially if they want their marriage to survive against all the odds. This book gives readers: -Practical insights on how to deal with the toxic parent in laws. -Everyday steps for handling overt controllers, manipulators, and narcissists  -Tips to tackle different issues.


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May 9, 2018

When a Man Made Me Angry

"When a Man Made Me Angry" by Mariena Allen

| Website | Twitter | You’ve met a new man and romance is beyond ecstatic! The vibe between both of you is one of a kind, but you’ve been warned! The excitement of marriage is unlike any feeling when you’re in love... daddy’s responsibility is to protect his little girl from sexual predators, yet he preys on her innocence. You’re wife #3, so what are your expectations from him? If you live long enough, eventually you might meet someone who lives to cause you harm. Some are obvious with their intentions. They count on your generosity and take advantage of your lack. Too bold and full of themselves, they hide their agenda. They take advantage of you using every manipulative method possible. Whether it’s pleasuring them, taking your money or your time, you pay with every grain of your existence! As you clean yourself up from your misgivings, be it personal or otherwise, you blame yourself for being a willing participant. You…blame…yourself.


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