February 21, 2019

My Uncle Makes Dolls to Replace Souls in Hell

"My Uncle Makes Dolls to Replace Souls in Hell" by Brandon Faircloth

| Website | Other Books by Author | When Cora Westgate unwittingly brought her Uncle Teddy back from Hell, it was just the start of her problems. She's entered a world of magic and horror filled with evil occultists that want to kill her, demons and monsters lurking around every corner, and a mysterious uncle that might be more dangerous than all the rest. And that was just the first week. Read the new book by Brandon Faircloth that is being praised as "often terrifying, sometimes funny, and always entertaining. It provides a very original view of Hell and different systems of magic, but even better are the book's main characters, Uncle Teddy and Cora, who are two of the best new characters in modern horror. They are badass and fun in the best ways possible."


January 22, 2019

Maniac on the Loose

"Maniac on the Loose" by  Steve Hudgins

| Website | Facebook | An extremely dangerous patient has escaped from the local psychiatric hospital.  Fearing that he'll lose his job if word gets out, the head of the hospital, Dr. Franklin Grimm desperately attempts to cover up the escape.  Meanwhile, there is a Maniac on the Loose. Victor Miller, the writer of Friday the 13th calls Steve Hudgins a "Horror Meister to reckon with"


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December 18, 2018

Nowhere Blvd

"Nowhere Blvd: A Horror Story" by Ryan Notch

In this Kindle horror exclusive, eleven year old Spencer Williams mysteriously re-appears in his bedroom after having been missing for two years. The story of where he's been is one no sane person would believe, a tale of being kidnapped by a creature out of legend and taken to a scary and strange urban fantasy land. A place where young children the world over are subjected to horrible experiments by the original boogie man, the living nightmare known as Smiling Jack.  Spencer keeps his secrets, happy to have been the only child ever to have escaped the clutches of Smiling Jack and his minions. With his nightmares fading into the past, Spencer returns home and tries to live a normal life. But when his baby sister goes missing, will Spencer be willing to take the ultimate risk to save her? Will he be willing to return to the horror of Nowhere Blvd?


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October 25, 2018

A Cat Named Boris

"A Cat Named Boris: A Short Tale of Horror" by Adam Dwyer

On a rainy night after too many drinks, Michael Beaumont crashes his vehicle into another car on a country highway and leaves the lone occupant, a young woman, there unconscious. The next day at his home, he is confronted by her closest companion, who was also in the car during the accident... her pet cat. And he intends to exact revenge... as only an animal can.  “Like a ’70’s Stephen King short...”


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