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February 24, 2019

V for Neck

"V for Neck" by Nova R. Paige

This book is about the joys and frustrations of customer service, and the adage that “the customer is always right.” The customer is “always right,” but it's still to their benefit to make it easier for the service representative to help them—they don't always grasp this concept. V for Neck is a short, funny description of what a customer service representative is thinking when a customer is yelling, cursing, asking dumb questions or casually proclaiming V is for Neck. Sometimes the representative will say out loud what she's thinking, but here you can read her inner dialogue.


January 18, 2019

Cygne Rouge

"Cygne Rouge" by F. V. Pires

Winner of the Beverly Hills Book Award! Engineer Miranda Darrow has a pleasing but predictable life: good job, great friends, and her steady date, Andy. When her company sends her alone to a job site in South Florida she takes steps to fight boredom after work and learns to tango. As she practices her ochos and perfects her media luna, she cannot help but fall in love. But why does her new sweetheart want to spend a weekend abroad at the secret tango weekend, Cygne Rouge, dancing with another woman? Her fickle new lover knows how to make life more interesting, if not more comfortable. Funny and romantic, Cygne Rouge celebrates love, friendship, and the sexiest dance in the world: Argentine tango.


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December 7, 2018

Cancer Free Emily

"Cancer Free Emily" by Tonja Vallin

Emily Blithe likes her life, she's a copywriter in Las Vegas for one of the top card companies in the country. Emily looks like she's finally found love with her boyfriend Collin and she adores working with her co-worker and graphic designer Cee Cee -- a woman who speaks her mind. But it all comes crashing down when Emily learns she has Stage III Breast Cancer. Not one to sit around feeling sorry for herself, Emily actively seeks out a mentor Atlas who's battled cancer not once, not twice but three times. She takes young Emily under her wing and inspires her like never before opening up a new world of possibilities. Emily faces her greatest fears and embraces some life lessons to become what she desperately wants to be, Cancer Free Emily.


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October 29, 2018

Why Do We Never Repeat Jokes?

"Why Do We Never Repeat Jokes?" by Ramzy Sweis

| Website | Facebook | YouTube | Sit-down comedy? A phenom that should never be a phenomenon. Late great comedians Robin Williams, Charlie Murphy, Joan Rivers, Greg Giraldo, Don Rickles are turning over in their graves with a thorn in their side. Take my word: Share & salvage the little wit being reserved by the only true /real comedian to have ever graced the stage. Otherwise you ought'a be ashamed of yourselves! Reviews: "Controversial and Provocative look at society" Why we never repeat jokes is a book built around highly controversial concept between cultural indifference of worldly people or religious sect using a series of pun’s to provide thought based concepts for the reader to ponder more deeply over time. From which the Author Ramzy Sweis has given in a lighter-hearted approach to some of life’s more serious issues; from which humanity should be paying more attention to. I found this book to be provocative and thought inspiring in a way a stand-up comedian would burst out onto stage with, which, yes, may offend some readers. But at the same time gives hope for change to future generations.~ Author Ken Donaldson "A very interesting book, and definitely worth the time ..." A very interesting book, and definitely worth the time to pick up. Answer the age-old question: Why never repeat a joke?!~ Jay Sandlin


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