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February 20, 2019

I Never Left My Ex

"I Never Left My Ex...Even Though He's Married" by Takesha Powell

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | 30-year-old Lauren Banks, is a housewife in Plainfield, New Jersey. Her husband, Tyrone Banks, is a successful business owner of a chain of auto body shops. She has money and status, but the one thing she misses most is passion. But that all changes when her husband hires a new mechanic, Anthony Moore. Little does her husband know, Anthony and Lauren used to go out back in the day. She thought their hot and heavy past was behind them. She soon discovers once a fire is lit it cannot be extinguished, but at what cost?


February 17, 2019

Edged Up

"Edged Up: My Fair Share for Christmas" by Marvin Koyo 

Each winter break, Eddie goes visit his family living in New York for business matters. This year, he comes to take his liquidity. Unfortunately, some issues have arisen while discussing during the Christmas dinner.


February 8, 2019

Why The River Runs

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"Why The River Runs (The Riverview Series Book 1)" by JoAnna Grace

Some call this river a taker of souls, a reaper. Sanguine is the Spanish word for blood and God knows plenty has been spilled in its murky depths. As Tina floats on her back, she couldn’t help but feel its more of an artery, giving life to its limbs. Not everyone would agree. Tough as nails, Tina Foster, doesn’t have time for a relationship. She’s far too busy running her family construction company. Tina’s take charge attitude may intimidate some, but to others, she’s a rock, a woman with a plan. Taming a heart this strong will take a man up for a challenge, and so far, there haven’t been too many contenders worthy of her time. Bo Galloway is returning to Riverview after a rough few years. He’s home to take care of his grandmother and prays for a chance at redemption and a fresh start. Untrusting of most women, he doesn’t know what to think of his new boss. He definitely didn’t expect to admire Tina Foster. Bo’s only shot at getting Tina to notice him is to be as strong as she is.


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February 6, 2019

Maya – The Awakening

"Maya - The Awakening" by Akshat Ratanpal

The book is first in the series that discovers the secrets behind your thoughts and the amazing world it creates. The story is a gripping adventure and mysterious journey of Angad who discovers a special ability that allows him to live different lives through his thoughts. His journey is marked with love, sex, greed, betrayal, death and discovery of forces beyond his belief. The book takes you through a journey into Angad's struggles with discovery of his powers and the amazing ability of creation that he possess. The book will make you question the reality of your own existence.


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