Literature & Fiction

July 11, 2019

How to Get to Heaven

"How to Get to Heaven" by John E. Riddle

In October 2011, a significant event occurred that would affect our world forever. Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple and a guru of the age of technology, died. As of three months ago, Steve finished the complete reorganization of Heaven and Hell and made both of them into Virtual Worlds. Here are the facts. There really is a heaven, and if you are evil, there really is a Hell. If you follow this book of fantasy and fiction to the very letter, you are guaranteed a virtual spot in heaven---or your money back.


July 9, 2019

Absolute Shopping Addict

"Absolute Shopping Addict: Volume 1" by Way Woo

Jake Smithson was an ordinary man who lived an ordinary life and worked at an ordinary job... until he found himself on a fantasy world and tasked to fight off monsters. While his old life revolved around one thing -- online shopping -- his way of life in this brave new world remained the same. Despite his extraordinary circumstances... shopping, shopping never changes. In a world so very different from his own, with his life turned upside down, he turns to the one thing he knows. Accompany Jake as he takes the first few steps on the journey of working and buying his way towards absolute power.


July 8, 2019

The Lost City

"The Lost City: Blaze's Inferno (The Lost City Series Book 4)" by D.L. Colon

Rick Blaze thinks he’s the fire user, but all that is going to change. He can hear the calls, but doesn’t know where they are coming from or who it is calling him. As the call gets stronger each day that pass and he’s forced to leave his Guild behind and search for the owner of the mysterious voice that continuously calls him. Kenna Flames, Goddess of Fire and owner of the Holy Flames, is forced to step out and defend the Temple of her ancestors as the Saviors are approaching. They want the Holy Flame. She is forced to use her powers to compel all the fire users to defend her, but she realizes too late that all fire users are heading her way for another reason entirely; the Holy Flames are calling them. What may be her last chance may also be her doom. When Blaze arrives at the Temple he is met by a lot of fire users and they are trying to touch a blue flame. He also sees the most beautiful woman he has ever laid his eyes on. As he looks upon the flame he hears a voice in his head saying; You have come, chosen one. Will you be strong enough to survive my touch or just absolve like all the ones before you? Will Blaze know where the voices come from and will Kenna be able to protect her temple from the Saviors? Will Rick help her or will he doom us all?


July 7, 2019

The Inferiority Complex

"The Inferiority Complex: A Thriller Novel" by Ryan Degg

ONE CASE, TWO DETECTIVES ONE MAN INTENT ON DESTRUCTION ONE STORY, TWO PERSPECTIVES ONE CITY; DEATH AND CORRUPTION TJ He was an inferior man. He didn’t buy into the myth of an inferiority complex; he was inferior. But all of that changed six months ago. He became a superior man. He decided to act. This was when his masterplan, “The Messiah Machination”, was born. The plan is now in motion; he has just committed his first murder. This is only the beginning but it’s also only half of the story because he has a very specific target in mind. What does this mean? Why is he doing this? What’s his next move? The truth is … only he knows.