Literature & Fiction

June 25, 2019

Love Forever

"Love Forever" by Wentworth Rollins

Poems to Open Your Heart and Free Your Emotions

The poems in LOVE FOREVER are sensationally evocative and emotionally stimulating. The poetry collection helps bear the stories of the heart that are so often not told! This book should be sipped and enjoyed. What you gain from your own thoughts and emotions prompted by these verses will be yours forever! Are you ready to set your thoughts and emotions free to wander?


June 22, 2019

Summary of The Mueller Report

"Summary of The Mueller Report: Summary of the full report on Collusion, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and, Russian Interference Comprehensive Guide" by Aryeh Ksah

| Amazon | Kobo | Lulu | Smashwords | Extra! Extra! Extra! Is This The End For The United States Democracy?!!!! During the 2016 election campaigns, President Donald Trump jokingly and publicly made a call to Russian Hackers for assistance. The Russians responded. After Trump became President, a British Intelligence official who is an expert on Russia, released a report detailing how Trump had indeed colluded with Russia to win the elections. This and many other actions of the President and his aides during the campaign led the FBI to investigate if President Trump had indeed colluded with Russia to win the elections. This conspicuously threatens the very foundation of US based upon which is democracy!!!


June 19, 2019

One Can Heal

"One Can Heal" by Clara C. Johnson

This world is unforgiving to many, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shine and spark the lives around you. The poetry of One Can Heal takes the reader on a heartbreaking journey where one finds strength to overcome and heal the unintended wounds. This collection focuses on the hardships in life such as grief, loss, depression, family, heartbreak, and the value of self-love and acceptance. One Can Heal explores the darkness many can face in life and shows that scars do not define anyone.


June 15, 2019


"Ch05en: Episode 1" by William Dickstein

Frank is a twenty-something with a dream of delivering pizzas all of his life. Unfortunately for him, his parents have other plans. Frank's father wants him to take over their family's pizzeria and his mother wants to see his Ch05En gene, which destines him for greatness, come to fruition, so she may use him in one of her super villainous plots.