Literature & Fiction

May 19, 2019

National Guard: Intimidation Game

"National Guard: Intimidation Game" by M F Hassan

| Website | Facebook | The Singapore Schools’ National Guard is an organization for students and run by students encompassing the entire Singapore school system. Its role is to keep the peace among the student population, to promote a sense of belonging and fraternity among students, as well as to inculcate a sense of discipline and physical and moral well-being among students. However, the biggest youth gang in Singapore, the Tigers Eight, sees the rise of the National Guard as a direct threat to its very existence. Orders are sent out from the highest levels to engage the National Guard in a deadly game of intimidation....


May 14, 2019


"Cruishing: A Short Story" by Tom Caval

| Website | Go cruising with your crush is such a bad idea ... Hopeless romantic Matteo knows not to cross the line. Erik is his friend, and, therefore, forbidden zone. Besides, he is a well-known heartbreaker. But after a difficult break-up and too much time spent wallowing in his grief, he’s ready to step outside his comfort zone and try something new. A Sunday morning with his friend at London’s most sophisticated hotspot for eligible bachelors is the ideal place to have some fun. But Erik lives up to his reputation being a magnet for men and his flirtations spark jealousy in Matteo. As the day grows longer, the influx of new admirers threatens to blur the lines between his friendship with Erik and the attraction he shouldn’t feel for him. Will he let his true feelings be known or will he sit idly by and watch Erik do what he does best?


May 13, 2019


"Dragonette" by Linda Rodriguez

Over time, storytellers from neighboring villages gave her many names known as an angel other, a demon. The suppressive spirit in her confronted all battles between valorous and evil. She joins the Dragon Lord to stand by his side in battle and as a queen. Together they discover their destiny as warriors. The beacon of hope for the people to merge them into a force never expected. Her soul immersed in love and laughter from the heavens. With the determination and might from hell.


May 3, 2019

Pissara The Animal God

"Pissara The Animal God" by DeShaun Whiting

Pissara is a young king with abilities given to him by the tribe who saved him, as Pissara grows he begins to learn the man he considered to be his brother is a deceitful maniac. Pissara leaves home in search of this man, leaving his tribe defenseless, only to get hurt badly and leave his tribe to get enslaved by the man he went looking for. When Pissara recovers, he sets out on a journey to return home and save his tribe, but before he can save them, he looks for help from the animals around him. During his journey, Pissara gets into situations pushing him past his own limits. When Pissara finally makes it back home, he is brought to tears from the things he sees. Pissara makes his move to save his tribe and ends up going to battle with the man he thought was his brother. The two go blow for blow with emotion and desperation.