Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

April 19, 2019

Operation Revert

"Operation Revert" by Brian Fulton

| Website | Facebook | A chilling novel by one of Northern Ireland’s new and up and coming storytellers Brian Fulton. Set primarily in Northern Ireland, it is a terrifying story of one man’s fight to stay on the right side of history. Jason Wright came from a happy and loving family but that changed when he started to ask questions about his parent’s migration to Canada. When Jason delves deeper into the reasons why he and his family had to move, it has an effect on him which ultimately changes his life. This story takes us into the politics of terrorism and how it can change the landscape of a country if left unchecked. It takes Jason into a world of danger. Where he is willing to risk everything for a country he loves.


April 16, 2019


"SOUL" by Dave Blackwell

| Twitter | A snowstorm. A body with the cause of death unknown. A bloody crime scene. A missing elderly woman. An unidentified young girl. A young girl found naked and covered in blood at a crime scene harbours a powerful gift and a traumatic past that changes the lives of Marie and her foster daughter in ways they couldn't imagine. Death is only the beginning. This is the story of Kimimela


April 9, 2019


"EMP NYC: A Big-City Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller" by Cal Wilson

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | An attack on America’s electrical grid. A terrorist onslaught. A city on the brink of collapse. One man will stand his ground. Emergency service worker David Vaughn cares deeply for his neighbors, the people of New York City, so when Iran detonates an electromagnetic pulse and takes out the grid, he feels obligated to stay and help the survivors in the lawless aftermath. But surrounded by chaos and carnage, it’s only a matter of time before his helping hands harden into vengeful fists. As a second wave of destruction looms, David partners with local Mossad agents to destroy the terrorists’ headquarters. But with the window of escape from Manhattan closing and friends dying all around him, he fears his altruism may have only sealed everyone’s fate in blood. Can David serve up justice before his quest for revenge gets him and his friends killed? E.M.P. NYC is the second book in the action-packed All At Once post-apocalyptic adventure series. If you like survivalist adventures, dystopian cityscapes, and gutsy heroes fighting incredible odds, then you’ll love Cal Wilson’s edge-of-your-seat thriller.


April 4, 2019

Jane Doe

"Jane Doe" by Kay Bruin

Most people will say that you can’t run from your past. For this 17-year-old girl, running seems like the only answer. She struggles to speak of the events that led her to the bridge where she attempted to end her life. After refusing to give her name, the police take her to a nearby hospital where she is admitted under the name Jane Doe. Her fate rests in the hands of one doctor, who is determined to earn her trust and help her overcome what she is so obviously running from. This story is filled with every emotion. A rough upbringing is relatable, but it’s easy for one person to forget just how bad things can get. This story depicts the struggle and hope for escape both physically and mentally.