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June 17, 2018

Life: A Life Trilogy

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"Life: A Life Trilogy" by Travis Knoll

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | A young computer hacker, Robinhood of the future, discovers our world is manipulated through our thought, created by the governments raising the tax rate to astronomical levels to enslave mankinds thoughts into poverty. Now he must join "The Uprising," to fight the powers, and accept his new role as their leader. Reviews: "Loved this and definitely a recommended read" What a thriller. the concept was too engaging that you can't keep the book down until you finish. Full of suspense, unpredictable and quite thrilling experience, as if watching some movie.the whole plot around the TaxMan and the way the story unfolds keep you on the toes. Loved this and definitely a recommended read. Go For it.~ Amazon Reviewer


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June 12, 2018

The Mindful Betrayal

"The Mindful Betrayal" by Aarica Dee Koliyah

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In a twisted tale of friendship, can a murderer be loyal to a friend? Can a best friend become a deadliest enemy in just a blink of an eye? Trust no one! If there is someone to die, who should it be? Brace yourself and fall into the characters of this fiction. Find out how in the end, the stalker Damien became Delle’s savior. If you can survive a death, can you survive the betrayal of a friend?


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June 10, 2018

You’re Welcome

"You’re Welcome: A Killer's Riposte" by G. G. Baker

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Four widows have been set free. Their lives have been changed for the better. No more abuse. No more financial trouble. Things are looking up for the women until Detective Ridgeland comes snooping around. His investigation could strip away everything they've gained while bringing light to their personal shame. Is the damage he would cause justified when the law has clearly been broken? Detective Ridgeland will have to search inside himself to discover where the line is drawn between right and wrong, law and justice, victim and perpetrator.


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June 6, 2018

The Fantasy Girl

"The Fantasy Girl" by Allan Taylor

A young woman’s bludgeoned body is found floating in the ocean off Cape Cod. Strikingly attractive with swimsuit model looks, the victim has left behind a string of male admirers, and is suspected of having had ties to a local drug dealer. Because of its lurid details, the crime receives broad media coverage, and the State Police are under intense pressure to find the killer. When they seek the assistance of the local police, Brian, a young cop who is still haunted by nightmares from his combat service in Iraq, volunteers to help with the investigation. But as he delves into the victim’s shadowy past, suspicions gradually begin to creep in about Brian and whether he may have in fact played a role in the young woman’s past himself. Struggling with his demons, Brian becomes trapped in a different kind of nightmare, this time one that is all too real. It is only the unmasking of the killer that finally unlocks the truth about Brian and about the beautiful young victim. 

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"A Cape Cod Mystery" This is a page-turner that you will not want to put down. The characters are described so well that you will recognize them in people you know. This book will be especially appreciated by anyone who has ever lived in a beach town. It is a promising first novel for Taylor who writes with amazing style. The mystery captivates you until the very end!~Kathleen Schortmann "Wow! What a fun book!" First, it’s a suspenseful, tastefully R-rated murder mystery with clever plot twists. But I also found it to be an interesting, dark satire of shallow, materialistic modern America. I’m a high school English teacher who doesn’t ordinarily read “thrillers,” but I read this after it was recommended to me and enjoyed it very much.~James L. Dam


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