Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

April 4, 2019

Jane Doe

"Jane Doe" by Kay Bruin

Most people will say that you can’t run from your past. For this 17-year-old girl, running seems like the only answer. She struggles to speak of the events that led her to the bridge where she attempted to end her life. After refusing to give her name, the police take her to a nearby hospital where she is admitted under the name Jane Doe. Her fate rests in the hands of one doctor, who is determined to earn her trust and help her overcome what she is so obviously running from. This story is filled with every emotion. A rough upbringing is relatable, but it’s easy for one person to forget just how bad things can get. This story depicts the struggle and hope for escape both physically and mentally.


April 1, 2019

The Monster

"The Monster" by Josh Soule

| Website | Facebook | Instagram | A college student has a strained relationship with his mother and ex-girlfriend. When he sees his ex and best friend together at a Halloween Mixer, he becomes enraged. Things turn when a mysterious, puppet-themed student attacks the couple, leaving the protagonist seemingly to blame. The situation escalates quickly, and the narrator soon finds himself framed for murder at the hands of the "Puppet Man". He decides to go on the run, and finds himself in the company of misfits and criminals while seemingly being stalked by the killer. He believes the criminal overseer may be an opportunity to clear his name and prove his innocence before he winds up in jail, or worse.


March 29, 2019

The Berger Wave

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"The Berger Wave" by Dr Andrew Stewart

| WebsiteTwitter | Instagram | YouTube | During World War Two in Nazi Germany, a ground-breaking technology is developed that enables astounding advancements in the study of brain waves. The death of the Nazi doctor stalls the project and the brain research is lost. Decades later, a young Spanish researcher stumbles upon the WW2 era research, which is subsequently used to develop new technology used for unlocking information stored within the brain. The brain tech is initially used to benefit mankind and science, but a tyrant seeking power and global influence seizes control of the advanced neuroscience program and it is misused for destructive purposes, as a powerful new class of weapon system is unleashed. Tensions rise around the world as countries learn that there is no protection from the tyrant’s secret weapon. Indian and Chinese leaders engage in a life-or-death race against time to save the planet and its inhabitants from Armageddon, in this action-packed technothriller.


March 23, 2019

Innocence on Trial

"Innocence on Trial" by Rick Bowers

Exonerating the Wrongfully Convicted Has Never Been This Deadly! An idealistic young attorney sets out to exonerate a man she believes was wrongfully convicted 10 years before. Laura Tobias of the Counsel Against Wrongful Convictions is the last hope for inmate Eddie Nash, serving life without parol at the infamous Attica Correctional Facility in upstate New York. As Laura looks into the case she finds that Eddie was framed by the police and railroaded by the prosecution. She also finds herself being stalked. Is the real killer out to stop her from reopening the case? Are the police out to stop her from exposing their frame-up. Laura must find the truth -- and clear her client -- before she becomes the next victim.