Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

September 20, 2018

4 Shots: Murder in Mormondom

"4 Shots: Murder in Mormondom" by Roger Blomquist

| Facebook | Mary Stevens was a typical eighteen-year-old girl, living in 1908. She was ready to graduate from school and start her adult life. She lived in Orderville, Utah, a community established for those who wanted to live the United Order. Four shots ended her life one April afternoon and shocked the small community. There had only been one outsider in town at that time and he mysteriously disappeared. The community knew it was him. The posse knew how to find him. But, if it was not him, could it be one of their own? Based on the shocking true story of a small-town murder. Reviews: "Awesome 5 star read" Roger has done a wonderful job of giving us the readers a glimpse of the early 1900's in this tale. I have rated it 5 solid stars. ~ Vermont Reviewer "Great read" Enjoyed the history from this book and made me want to look more into the facts of this murder as I am a Kane County resident. ~ Amy S. "A historical page turner" This was a page turner. Finished the book in two days. The story was well written with lots of details in just the right spots. If you like history and mysteries, you’ll find this book thoroughly enjoyable. The Author does a great job capturing the authentic voice of the time period and does a great job honoring the story. I’d highly recommend this book. ~ Nathan R.


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September 6, 2018

Finding Faith

"Finding Faith: A Christian Romance, Thriller, Mystery & Suspense Novel" by Marcus L. Christian

We all make mistakes along the way to God. That is why we need him. This book is about people who are pushed to their limit. It’s about deceit, betrayal and murder. And it’s about how different people deal with negative emotions and find it easier to do so with the help of God. When Moira hears that her husband has committed suicide, she falls to pieces and struggles to cope. But all is not as it seems. Little by little, with the help of her family, she begins to pick up the pieces and put herself back together again.  She takes strength from one of her husband’s employees, Michael, and admires the way that he handles the cruel and unexpected events that befall him. Michael is an ex-Marine so has experienced some grueling scenes during his military service. The only thing that has helped him to get through many, pursuant sleepless nights is God. Can Moira find God too? 


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August 29, 2018

Breaking Boundaries

"Breaking Boundaries" by M.A. Lee

| Facebook | His love might be the only thing to save her. Melanie appeared to have the perfect life; a loving family, great friends, and a fairy tale engagement to her soulmate, Brody. Everything was wonderful until one tragic night left her broken and caused a devastating car accident that took the life of a close friend and ended her engagement. Cole is a twenty-two-year-old auto mechanic who was bounced from one foster home to the next all his life. He is still mending from a tragic car accident two years ago that changed his life forever. After a chance encounter, Melanie and Cole find that their lives are bound together by one tragic and unforgettable night. As they begin to embark on a complicated and at times, volatile and steamy friendship, Cole falls madly in love with Melanie. Refusing to be damaged again, Melanie fights her growing feelings for Cole, only furthering her descent into a dark depression. Can Cole bring light to Melanie's life again? Discover how sparks fly in this steamy new romance series.


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August 21, 2018

Satan’s Sand

"Satan's Sand" by Edward Vogler

| Website | A dedicated CIA analyst lives the easy life, until he is dumped in war torn Libya. He must locate WMD’s and assassinate the tyrant whose goal is US annihilation beginning with Washington, DC in one week. He struggles through the Sahara and becomes wedged between the Agency who believes he went rogue wanting him eliminated and the Tyrant who learns of his mission. 


"Fun, suspenseful and intriguing" Very interesting. The beginning was a bit of a surprise (though I completely understand why things happened the way they did now that I'm done.) Loved the dynamic characters and the variety of revelations. Lots of great character building and a fairly strong plot despite a few mishaps in editing. Most importantly, it kept me interested pretty much throughout. Definitely recommend it!~ Belladona "Never fails to keep you on your toes." Although I never read war related stories, this was definitely an interesting way to be exposed to that side of life. Jay's journey hits you with twists and turns and never fails to keep you on your toes. If you want to be emerced in world outside of your own, this is the book for you. I can't wait for the sequel, but for the time being i'll be on the look out for a book with a similar story line.~ Agnes Musee


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