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July 2, 2019

A Guide to SEX for Christian Couples Second Edition

"A Guide to SEX for Christian Couples Second Edition" by Larry Bates & Anita Bates

Most Christian oriented books are too spiritual to discuss techniques; books that discuss techniques are usually distinctly non-Christian and often promote dangerous practices. Our goal is to glorify God and give practical guidance. The first edition has had steady sales since 2009. This edition is updated and expanded, largely in response to questions and comments from our readers. For over a century, Christians treated marital sex as something shameful. Women, in particular, were not supposed to enjoy it. Now, Christians are beginning to appreciate God’s plan. This is currently a hot topic and is being covered by ABC News and Time Magazine., among other news sources... When we needed this information, there was nothing on the market like our book (there still is not another). Christian oriented books are too spiritual to discuss techniques; books that discuss techniques are usually distinctly non-Christian and often promote dangerous practices. Our goal is to glorify God and give practical guidance.


May 31, 2019

Raising A Brave and Self-Confident Child

"Raising A Brave and Self-Confident Child: A Complete Guide" by Linda May

As parents, we all want to raise confident children who thrive. Yet for decades, parenting experts had it all wrong as they believed that confidence and self-esteem could be boosted by praising children with words such as ‘You’re smart’ and ‘Well done’. Extensive research done in the last decade shows that this can be detrimental and even damaging to children. Other research shows that self-esteem comes from the ‘inside out’ rather than from the words we choose to use when communicating with our children. This book will help you understand the process of raising a self-confident child and improve yourself as a parent. "Raising A Brave and Self-Confident Child" is a complete guide to your adventure called "parenting". 


May 14, 2019

Os Passos

"Os Passos: 12 Segredos para as Crianças Prosperarem e Serem Felizes na Vida" by  Andrew Watson  (Author), Charles Watson

Quando Estela, uma jornalista de sucesso, depara-se com um menino de cinco anos que sabe ler melhor do que a maioria dos adultos, ela não imagina que sua vida mudará radicalmente. Intrigada com a grande habilidade do garoto, descobre que ele é acompanhado, na Clínica Despertar, pelo renomado neurocientista, doutor Michael Jansen, chamado também de “o mago dos bebês”. Lá, Estela toma conhecimento de Os Passos, um protocolo inovador, baseado nos avanços da neurociência e psicologia, que tem como proposta trabalhar temas fundamentais, tais quais o desenvolvimento da comunicação e da linguagem da criança, a leitura precoce, a criatividade, o autocontrole, a disciplina, os valores, entre outros, a fim de que tenham as ferramentas necessárias para promover o desenvolvimento cognitivo, psicomotor e afetivo do bebê, da criança e do adolescente. Dr. Michael Jansen resolve compartilhar com Estela Os 12 Passos contidos no protocolo. Nesse meio tempo, ela descobre que está grávida. Que melhor época poderia haver para descobrir se Os Passos realmente funcionam?


April 30, 2019

Four Years of Despair

"Four Years of Despair" by Jalesa Morrison

Jaunell Morris was a typical kid: hanging out with friends and going to school. Although being tease occasionally and living in one of the poorest and dangerous towns in southern Illinois, Jaunell was a happy and talented child. Things turned for the worse for Jaunell shortly after her thirteenth birthday. Joan, Jaunell’s mother, believed that Jaunell was going through a phrase. But Jaunell’s increasingly violent behavior proved her wrong. Obnoxious behavior and suicidal thoughts led Jaunell to Chestnut mental health hospital where she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. After being discharge from Chestnut, Joan felt like she had her daughter back. But that was far from the truth. Things went from bad to worse for the Morris family throughout the years. Refusing to take medication, fighting, truancy, and suicide attempts led to multiple hospitalizations for Jaunell. As Jaunell began to deteriorate, the people who were supposed to help her began to belittle her and calling her names no child should hear. After multiple hospitalizations Joan had reach her breaking point. She founded a long-term residential center out of state that will give Jaunell the help that she needs. But the cost is making it difficult. Will Jaunell receive the help that she desperately needs?