Parenting & Relationships

April 11, 2019


"Be...: A Collection of Love with Friends to Inspire a Kindness Evolution" by Dawn Witte

Words are magical. In this SECOND EDITION of her book, Dawn A. Witte weaves a beautiful tapestry of words to live by and reminds us we never know the impact our words can have on someone else. We all have the power to make someone's day a little brighter or a little worse. We have the power, perhaps even the sacred mission, to deliver our own messages of love, courage, kindness and peace and watch the world become a better place as a result. The quotes in this powerful book teach about overcoming adversity and encouraging people we interact with on our journey through life. The importance of the universal truth.


March 12, 2019

How to Talk Dirty

"How to Talk Dirty" by Claire Heart

The 107 Greatest Lustful Examples that Will Make Him Give You the Best Sex of Your Life. Drive Him Wild!

HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU? Has he ever said "baby, talk dirty to me" and you're stuck there wishing you could become a professional porn star and make him go wild on you with all the amazing orgasms that you're about to have, but instead you just don't know what to say? Well, let me fix that for you. Here's some reasons on why this book is the answer to all your dirty talk problems! IT WILL MAKE YOU AND HIM HAPPIER IN BED Every year 70% of women in the United States suffer what the more sophisticated people like to call "relationship dryness". Just last month I had one of my friend's call me at 1 am, moaning on the phone about how Steve want's to dirty talk to her but she just doesn't know how to do it and she feel's embarrassed. So, what did I do? Apart from helping friend have the best sex of her life, I wrote this book.


March 7, 2019

The First Slap

"The First Slap" by Tara K. 

Join Tara as she bravely shares her harrowing story of domestic violence. Be swept away by the drama, the tears, and her amazing journey through the abuse and heartache; as she has come out the other side, she tells a tale of what many south Asian women may fall victim to. Incredible psychological insight by Dr Ravjot Kaur and Harpal S. Chatwal leaves us with a much deeper understanding of how to get help, or how to help someone in this situation.


March 5, 2019

Notes To My Sister, Let Him Serve You

"Notes To My Sister, Let Him Serve You" by  Kofi Ofori-Boateng

We were created to serve each other, man AND woman. We both have gifts to offer each other which can only have true impact when that service is allowed by its intended recipient. Notes To My Sister, Let Him Serve You is a frank perspective on how a man is supposed to serve the woman in his life when he has been permitted to do so by her, with the underlying theme being that a man is only able to serve her when he is allowed so. In this, his first published book, Kofi speaks not only to women but to men too; encouraging men to serve and the women they love to allow them to.