Parenting & Relationships

August 7, 2018

Parenting the Severely Disabled Adult

"Parenting the Severely Disabled Adult" by Kathleen Fischer

In the journey the author takes with her daughter she covers many subjects some parents, guardians, teachers are afraid to discuss. Such as why do you need a Will and Trust; how important is documentation after high school; sex for the disabled adult; and how difficult it is to find placement/housing once it is time for them to move on. Also included are examples of letters, instruction sheets on working with such an adult; and how to prepare the disabled to attend a funeral. It is a short book, packed with stories and helpful learning experiences of the author and her daughter.


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June 4, 2018

Behind The Eyes Of A Lost Soul

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"Behind The Eyes Of A Lost Soul" by Valerie Joanna Legere Wolfrom

Life is a gift. And sharing it with the man you love makes it invaluable. You start a common life with your sweetheart full of dreams; your heart overflows with love, your mind is overwhelmed with pictures of happiness, all these precious daily moments of intimacy, joy and pleasure that will make the canvas of your marital bliss. But relationships are not always rosy. For each happily married girl out there, there are hundreds of tortured souls living in total despair, experiencing domestic violence by the person supposed to be their ‘significant’ other. Living With The Beast Disillusionment starts early. Verbal insults are followed by occasional smacks and accusations about every single detail of your daily routine give their place to punches. Everything you do seems to be just ‘not good enough’, all minor household tasks can trigger violence in your ‘significant other’, reflected in bruises in the arms, the neck, the legs… everywhere. Violence lurks in the corner of every room and its painful manifestations need no excuse any more. Day after day, your concern is one: how you will manage to clench your teeth and carry on- how you will manage to SURVIVE. A Life In The Darkness.


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