June 25, 2019

Love Forever

"Love Forever" by Wentworth Rollins

Poems to Open Your Heart and Free Your Emotions

The poems in LOVE FOREVER are sensationally evocative and emotionally stimulating. The poetry collection helps bear the stories of the heart that are so often not told! This book should be sipped and enjoyed. What you gain from your own thoughts and emotions prompted by these verses will be yours forever! Are you ready to set your thoughts and emotions free to wander?


June 19, 2019

One Can Heal

"One Can Heal" by Clara C. Johnson

This world is unforgiving to many, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shine and spark the lives around you. The poetry of One Can Heal takes the reader on a heartbreaking journey where one finds strength to overcome and heal the unintended wounds. This collection focuses on the hardships in life such as grief, loss, depression, family, heartbreak, and the value of self-love and acceptance. One Can Heal explores the darkness many can face in life and shows that scars do not define anyone.


April 12, 2019

Shades of Blue

"Shades of Blue: The Journey of Awakening" by Gino Vallejo

Shades of Blue: The Journey of Awakening is a collection of eighty soulful poems by West Coast dreamer Gino Vallejo. Including fresh and former works, the volume bears witness to life’s continua—no emotional hue forgotten. Adding to the experience, long-time collaborator Stephanie LeVasseur provides a dazzling range of illustrations to compliment prominent pieces. Altogether larger-than-life, the tour depicts transcendence. From a celestial introduction, “The Heavenly Gate”, Vallejo’s voyage proceeds through time and space, navigating all manner of subject-matter. Selections such as ‘Purple Rome’ and ‘Cleopatra: The Song of the Nile’ meditate upon history’s cyclical nature, fixing on awesome fact. Others, like “Awaiting Venus”, walk us through mystical annals of lore, while ‘Diamond Star’ and kindred pieces celebrate love’s deliverance. Where ‘The Ecstasy of Gold’ and “Vanity” denounce man’s flaws, “Fruit of My Life” revels in fatherhood. “Searching Far and Wide” speculates on the key to happiness, “End of Days” assesses modern tyranny, “A Warrior’s Legacy” serves to humanize the soldier’s plight, and “Through a Winter’s Cold” emphasizes the need for God in our hearts. Along the way, we study loss, America’s reputation abroad, terrorism, heartbreak, art and what it means to live.


September 5, 2018


"Alone" by KD Langford

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | A collection of 43 modern day poetry with illustrations. About The Author: KD Langford is a writer from Manchester, in the United Kingdom.  The story so far:  We all have to begin our journey somewhere in life. For me, it was at primary school when my teacher, Mrs Harvey introduced me Creative Writing and I never looked back. Mrs Harvery was a great inspiration to me, and it soon became my favourite lesson.  The years passed by and I found myself at High School where embraced my writing with the thanks to various teachers no one more so than my English and form teacher, Tony Porter.  I'd write two pages, take it back to him, and he'd say "Right, go and write me some more." That's just what I did. At Culcheth High School there was a building known as 'B-block' it was a three-storey concrete block, and he'd allow us to have free roam of the top floor. I'd go and sit in B-32 which was Miss Harper's R.E room and there I'd write, my first piece, called 'Grey Hall.' And at lunchtimes, Malcolm Smith (RIP) would give up his lunch hour and open up A-17 in A-block which was the I.T room. There I'd sit on one of the many BBC-B computers and writer using 'Interword' an old, but outstanding word processor. At the time there American TV series 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' was being aired in the UK, and I'd sit in A-17 and write a story about Admiral Nelson and Captain Lee Crane. 


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