April 27, 2017

A Book About You

"A Book About You: A Heart's Journey to Love" by tonio

Through A Book About You, you can journey along with the author as he explores his encounters with the most important aspect of the human existence. Love. Use his experiences to reexamine your own personal stories of tingly heights, and crippling lows. Reconnect with the one, never forgotten. Mend a connection lost by the hands of fate. Or take that last step to resolution, acceptance, and advancement to the future. This book is about life. About love. About you.


March 25, 2017

God Cares But Do We

"God Cares But Do We" by Kwaku Mensah

Here in this short book I try and explain with the gift that our Creator has given me the things I see going on in the world today and why. With The Gift Of Poetry I try and reach out and explain what i see through a different perspective. Some may ask if God exists and if he does does he care? Here in these pages I submit that he does care but do we? in essence we have been given so many chances how long before time is up? have a open mind enjoy the read and let me know what you think.


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March 10, 2017


"PRAYERS & POETRY" by Rashawn Johnson

Prayers & Poetry is from God. It is a biblically based book designed to inspire, motivate and lead you into intimacy with God. You will learn how to go deeper and have more fulfilling prayers. You will also learn how to break strongholds. Prayers & Poetry is an excellent tool for inspiration and motivation. You will receive practical tips to increase your consistency.