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April 10, 2019

The Autumn of the West

"The Autumn of the West" by Jorge Majfud

Most of the selected essays that comprise this book have been originally published in maga-zines like UN Chronicle, The Humanist of Wash-ington, Monthly Review of New York, and newspapers like El País of Madrid, La República of Montevideo, Milenio of Mexico, Página 12 of Buenos Aires, and The Huffington Post between 1998 and 2016.


April 2, 2019

Living a Day At a Time

"Living a Day At a Time: How To Beat Depression For Good" by Zurab Kherodinashvili

Do you or someone you know, suffer from depression? Does it consume your life and thoughts and make it impossible for you to be happy? Do you want to change and heal and banish it forever? When depression strikes it can cause numerous problems, ranging from minor inconveniences to much darker and inescapable thoughts. Finding a way to live your life when you are faced with depression can be a challenge when trying to look to the future but the answer could lie much closer to home. In this book, Living a Day at a Time: Beating Depression for Good, you will find that taking small steps is most probably the best way to beat the depression you suffer from and this is covered in a range of advice on things like: -Finding your life purpose -Being happy -The power of the mind -Positivity -Meditation and mindfulness -Learning to love yourself -Focus -And much more… Written in short stories, of real people who overcame the odds, Living a Day at a Time focuses on what we can do to help ourselves to beat the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness that depression brings. Using only your own mind, thoughts and positivity, it can work for you too and this book will show you exactly how!


March 6, 2019

A Handbook to Workplace Culture

"A Handbook to Workplace Culture: Understanding People in the Office" by ACR publishing

Have you ever met Bare minimum Bob, Positive Polly or Negative Nancy there are so many different types of people in an office? Do you how to look out for them and interact with them? If you want to learn more about these types of people continue reading Create a diverse, thriving workplace culture by understanding the different types of workers in your office environment! If you want to have a contagious company culture and a healthy workplace environment, then first you have to understand the types of people that work for you. A Handbook to Workplace Culture is an essential practical guidebook that provides strategies to utilize office dynamics, communicate more effectively, and grow a company culture that is both productive and enjoyable. Whether it’s your first job, you’ve transitioned into a new position, or you’ve been searching for a way to improve your current office environment, A Handbook to Workplace Culture is the perfect book to help you understand: -If you could understand the general workplace personalities -Working and building relationships with different personality types -Could you be more Effective with your Team -Do you want to understand people so you can improving office morale -Do you want a be better at delegating and solving problems -Can you create a positive environment?


December 31, 2018

Born To Feel a Brain

"Born To Feel a Brain" by Mighty, the Magnificent

Born To Feel A Brain offers an insightful look into why things happen in the world and in our lives as they do. The message is about control, enhancing perspective, and doing whatever can be done to right the wrongs. The authors voice is well developed—strong, straightforward, and somewhat darkly humorous/sarcastic—and an excellent match for persuasive writing. If you seek truth look no further. The contents of this book are powerful, logical and influential with a tone of changing the world for good.


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