March 24, 2018


"Debbie" by Nathalie Ada

Debbie is the story of a young girl whose life trajectory ends in a parabola. She is in her early teen and affected by the gores of her decisions. Debbie is a good read for teenagers, those approaching their teen; young adults could learn from her too.  Extract : Debbie is seen sitting and cuddling her feet. She seats quietly by the corner of the sitting room close to the shelf. Her gown, which she loved when mom had bought it for her was used as a cushion to hold the door from closing in on her. She left the gown just like that; it was apparently not what she loved again.  The day mom presented the dress to her; Debbie had jumped and held the dress with both hands admiring the colors. Her broad smiles were the only features mom could notice when she ran to the kitchen to sing mom’s praise and show more appreciation for the gown. Today is different; the gown is not as important as she thought it was; at least, not as important as a sibling. She now used it as if it was old clothing.


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April 19, 2017

The Ellipsis Manual

"The Ellipsis Manual: Analysis and Engineering of Human Behavior" by Chase Hughes


Originally written as a manual for intelligence field operations... "You'll stop believing in free will." -LISA SCHMIDT, HUFFINGTON POST One look at the table of contents will give you an ‘oh my God’ moment. “The Ellipsis Manual is the kind of book that used to be locked away...deep in a vault underground...far away from the prying eyes of those who could misuse its power. With chapter titles like ‘Methods of physically hacking the brain’ and ‘Shutting off human willpower,’ what you’re about to learn could make even the most well-trained CIA operative blush... And that’s what leads me to say that if you’re going to pick up your copy of The Ellipsis Manual today, you’ve got to make a firm commitment not to go to the dark side with this material.