Religion & Spirituality

May 8, 2019

Universal Compass

"Universal Compass" by Esme Louise Gray

Life can be confusing, it is very easy for us all to lose our way at some point. Esme Lou Gray has certainly taken some wrong turns in her life, the most poignant of which was to distance herself from her innate connection to spirit as a very young girl. Thirty years later, finding herself living in an increasingly materialistic and cynical world, she decided to return to the beliefs that she had felt compelled to ignore for most of her life. In doing so, she discovered a talent for channelling information from a higher source and decided to use that ability to ask some of the questions that, at some point or another, we would all like answers to including: How do we know if we are on the right path in life? Why are some prayers answered and others not? Do we still need belief? This short book contains answers to these questions and more. By reading it Esme Lou hopes that you too will be able to reconnect with your own Universal Compass and allow your soul to guide you towards your true purpose and a more fulfilling life.


April 15, 2019

There Are No Politics In Heaven

"There Are No Politics In Heaven" by Thomas S. Russo, Jr.

| Website | If you’ve ever felt lost in your life, with no hope, no options, no direction, and fear so suffocating you couldn’t breathe and wanted to die because it would be easier, then this story is your story. Take a look with me into the mirror of my life, where I faced childhood challenges, rode political highs and lows, achieved external greatness with internal emptiness, confronted the psychological demons within, experienced a religious transformation, and lived to fight another day. Join me on this rollercoaster ride of newfound Christian faith, hope, perseverance, and the ability to change. This is a story about the human condition and our ability to overcome obstacles and find faith bigger than fear, true inner peace and purpose. It is my sincere hope by reading my story you will learn about yourself and be able to rewrite your story. I pray my internal self-reflection of how I experienced my life will allow you the comfort and space to review your life story so you can change direction. It is never too late.


April 11, 2019


"Be...: A Collection of Love with Friends to Inspire a Kindness Evolution" by Dawn Witte

Words are magical. In this SECOND EDITION of her book, Dawn A. Witte weaves a beautiful tapestry of words to live by and reminds us we never know the impact our words can have on someone else. We all have the power to make someone's day a little brighter or a little worse. We have the power, perhaps even the sacred mission, to deliver our own messages of love, courage, kindness and peace and watch the world become a better place as a result. The quotes in this powerful book teach about overcoming adversity and encouraging people we interact with on our journey through life. The importance of the universal truth.


March 30, 2019

Seeing Through Their Eyes, Vol 1

"Seeing Through Their Eyes, Vol 1: Short stories, songs and poems of characters in the Bible" by Brother Brad Smith

| Website | Facebook | Let me take you on a journey of thirty years, where over time I’ve had the privilege of soaking up the environment of thoughts of many people who live through the history of the Bible. In some ways it feels like I’ve met them all personally, as I’ve studied and meditated on them – researching the events and times that make their situation unique. I’ve pondered what it’s been like to be in their shoes, and sometimes wondered what I would have done if it was me in their situation. My aim has been to tap into the essence of their thinking, of their emotion, and cause a very deep emotional connection with you, the reader. If my book is simply “a good read” or “a poetic resurrection of Biblical narrative” then it’s missed its mark. This book is a small compilation of poetry, prose, songs or short stories, intended to take a “slice” out of the life of a Biblical character and help us see what they are seeing, feel what they are feeling, and pause … then make a response. Each item is a perception, a listening, a waiting – for the tick-tock of thoughts in their head to come to life - and from there to make sense of their situation, translated into poetic rhythms. Through hearing the voices of their mind, we can take time to reflect. And consider. And change.