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March 18, 2017

Living in Brilliance – Divine Secrets of Greatness: Eternal Teachings for a Great Life (The Trilogy of Life Book 1)


“Sven Heck gives us a fascinating journey of opening into higher realms…” – Penney Peirce, Author of Frequency and Leap of Perception

“Living in Brilliance is a fabulous spiritual odyssey… Return to it. Read it again, let it resonate and enlighten your life.” – Thomas Zinser, Ed.D. Author of Soul Centered Healing

“Authentic like Helen Schucman’s readings in A Course On Miracles.” – John McGinnis, Author of Psychic Readings with the Thinkers of Heaven

Follow your Higher Calling and live a life of Greatness

Now it is time to listen to your true calling and start following the abiding Truth of living as the great Master Being you truly are — an awakening Soul on the journey to full unfolding and enlightenment.

You know that it is time now to wake up from your illusion of limitation, frustration and negativity.

This book is your energetic and spiritual initiation into the full understanding that you are infinite and beautiful Love — you are Brilliance and you are Power.

Just by reading Adam’s sacred and eternal messages, you open up to the vast energetic possibilities you have inside of you. Accessing Higher Reality is a constant choice for Greatness and with it you will become who you truly are, awakening to the spirit world.

You simply connect to the Source.

A deep spiritual journey towards Divine Truth and the real guide to live your greatest life ever.

This unique Book ultimately invites you to go beyond all your limitations by accessing nothing less than Infinity. 

These messages will change your life forever…

In this awe-inspiring and powerful channeled guide you learn about Sven’s breathtaking unique journey of healing and spiritual awakening and his deeply touching life story of becoming initiated into the higher teachings of Cosmic Consciousness. Coming into contact with powerful Beings of Light, Sven experiences soul healing miracles and powerfully transforms his life, starts to channel and write these books...

Do not wait anymore!

This is your personal invitation from the universe to change perspectives, to experience Greatness and to master your life beautifully. 

Be the one who makes a difference and choose to be brilliant and free. Start reading and living a great life today.

March 15, 2017

Beyond Religious Freedom: The New Global Politics of Religion


In recent years, North American and European nations have sought to legally remake religion in other countries through an unprecedented array of international initiatives. Policymakers have rallied around the notion that the fostering of religious freedom, interfaith dialogue, religious tolerance, and protections for religious minorities are the keys to combating persecution and discrimination. Beyond Religious Freedom persuasively argues that these initiatives create the very social tensions and divisions they are meant to overcome.

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd looks at three critical channels of state-sponsored intervention: international religious freedom advocacy, development assistance and nation building, and international law. She shows how these initiatives make religious difference a matter of law, resulting in a divide that favors forms of religion authorized by those in power and excludes other ways of being and belonging. In exploring the dizzying power dynamics and blurred boundaries that characterize relations between "expert religion," "governed religion," and "lived religion," Hurd charts new territory in the study of religion in global politics.

A forceful and timely critique of the politics of promoting religious freedom, Beyond Religious Freedom provides new insights into today's most pressing dilemmas of power, difference, and governance.

March 14, 2017

Holy Spirit and Fire

"Holy Spirit and Fire: Experiencing More Of God" by Chan Smith

This is a book about experiencing God in His fullness. There is more of God and we need to strive to experience Him. The Baptism is the power to change you and the world around you. More Lord! In this book, you will learn about the Holy Spirit being in the Old Testament and the New Testament. You will also learn how to flow in the Holy Spirit. This is a powerful book for every Christian around the world. It will change your life.


March 12, 2017

The Alchemist


A special 25th anniversary edition of the extraordinary international bestseller, including a new Foreword by Paulo Coelho.

Combining magic, mysticism, wisdom and wonder into an inspiring tale of self-discovery, The Alchemist has become a modern classic, selling millions of copies around the world and transforming the lives of countless readers across generations.

Paulo Coelho's masterpiece tells the mystical story of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure. His quest will lead him to riches far different—and far more satisfying—than he ever imagined. Santiago's journey teaches us about the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts, of recognizing opportunity and learning to read the omens strewn along life's path, and, most importantly, to follow our dreams.