February 4, 2018

Love Song

"Love Song" by  IPJaya

Gabriel and Lucian cross paths for the first time on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka and fall in love. She fly's back to London only to be gripped by the heartache of leaving him behind. Against all odds the miracle power of their love continues to bring them back together again and again, but will it prove once and for all, to pass the death defying moment of truth?


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January 30, 2018

Incognito Love

"Incognito Love" by Nicky Gann

| Website | Facebook | Twitter |  In an imperfect world, Nola had the perfect online dating profile. She was educated, childless, and looking for a casual relationship. She was health-conscious, loved to cook, and had her own successful business. Men responded to her profile in droves. They wanted to talk to her, have coffee with her, take her to lunch or dinner, or travel with her. Whatever she wanted, she could pick a suitor from the list her profile generated. And she did just that. Unfortunately, life turned out to be not so simple. What began as an exciting fun-filled summer changes the moment Nola meets Bricks & Mortar. They find themselves trapped inside a maze of deception and betrayal, as their summer fling blossomed beyond their wildest expectations. This was not what they bargained for. Was he the man he claimed to be? Was she the woman she wanted to be? Incognito Love is a story of relationships and romantic struggles. Two lovers become their own worst enemies, as they hide behind masks of lies and deceptions, unwilling to acknowledge true love is unattainable unless they shed their disguises. Will the lovers be willing to do what it takes to overcome any obstacle? Or will fear and pride overpower their desire for happiness?


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December 15, 2017

The Book of Iudex

"The Book of Iudex" by Tachina Eva

| Website | Facebook | GoodReads | Rose is a post-recession, jobless graduate, who is suddenly taken into a mirrored, shadowy world, where she learns she is the new queen of Iudex. She is rescued by the king of Ignusia, who she later discovers to be the boy who disappeared from their world ten years prior—Declan. With the fate of the kingdom lying in her hands, she must learn fast while avoiding the entanglements of war, escape, and love. Reviews: "Great Read!" Tachina, you have a wonderful imagination. This was a fun read and I can't wait for book 2 hopefully coming soon! ~ Amazon Reviewer Christene 


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October 2, 2017

You, Me, and the Goldfish

"You, Me, and the Goldfish" by Author M. T Straker

When shy Alexia meets the boy of her dreams, she realizes more than one painful truth about growing up and falling in love. Is it all worth it? She will have to answer this question for herself. It all begins, strangely enough, in group therapy. Alexia is the sole caregiver and support for her mother, who is undergoing a mental health crisis after suffering a violent attack at her workplace. As the teenager struggles with the responsibilities of her new role in the family, she falls head over heels for Justin, whose grandmother is part of the same therapy class Alexia’s mother attends. Alexia is sure that Justin—tall, handsome, and charismatic—won’t even notice her. To her surprise, he does more than that—he asks her out! Justin is kind, artistic, and thoughtful, but he’s also coping with his own trauma. Justin’s sister was brutally murdered, and the killer is still at large. Alexia tries to find ways to support Justin and his family as they go through the grieving process and move forward with their lives.