Science Fiction & Fantasy

August 10, 2019

Austin Wyrd

"Austin Wyrd (Valhalla AWOL Book 1)" by Steve Curry

What do Jim Butcher, Neil Gaiman, Robert B Parker and Kevin Hearne all have in common? They're all wildly more successful than Steve Curry, But if you enjoy their work then your bound to find something to like in Steve's debut novel "Austin Wyrd". Has his past finally caught up with Magnus? All he wanted was to spend the remainder of his time on this earth in a nice safe job, like being a bouncer for a Goth and Heavy Metal bar in Austin, Texas. But that proves difficult once police start investigating a ritualistic looking murder behind the bar. Can Magnus clear his boss of any connection to the crime, while avoiding the attention of Police, overly curious government agents, and the wife and bandmates of the victim. That doesn’t even count his psychotic ex-girlfriend with potent mystical powers and an immortal and vengeful ex-employer.

Out Now on Amazon in Paperback, E-book and free to read with Kindle Unlimited. 

August 4, 2019

Rayna of Mars

"Rayna of Mars: A Space Colony Story" by Michael Howard

This is a story about a group of Mars Colonists from Earth. They set out to prove that colonizing Mars can be done with the help of robots and drones. Their ship was not the first to arrive on Mars. A supply ship landed a few years before them and had plenty of resources to get them started. Their mission was to set up a starter colony so those that came after them would have an easier time colonizing Mars. This is the story of those colonists. Their 2 year mission and the robots that they needed to help them construct the colony. The main robot that was to be their interface with the other drones and rovers was named Rayna. She became so much more with the help of her emotion chip and her ability to learn from the other colonists.


July 23, 2019

Greta Tintin And The Precious Stone

"Greta Tintin And The Precious Stone" by Yernar Alippek

| Website | Instagram | Ever since Greta can remember, a powerful, magical wildfire has raged through the forest she calls home. Greta cannot help but wonder what will happen if they allow the fire to continue burning until nothing is left. When she voices her concerns, though, she is forbidden to question the wildfire. She is told the director has full control over the magical fire. But does he? When Greta decides to take matters into her own hands, she is joined by old and new friends as they journey to the heart of the wildfire and attempt to extinguish it on their own. They will be met with some of the toughest challenges they have ever faced, but Greta is determined to save her home – even if it means sacrificing herself to do it. Along the way, she discovers she may have a magic of her own if she can learn how to use it. And she'll have to learn fast. The wildfire is spreading quickly and is more dangerous than she ever imagined.


July 22, 2019

The First House

"The First House" by Robert Allwood

| Twitter | Instagram | When the daughter of a self-confessed witch, Sarah Saville, disrupts a sacred altar, she becomes transformed by an ancient myth, giving birth to twin daughters through immaculate conception, a miracle – something that her enemies consider hard to ignore. As she prepares to leave behind her life of rogues, privateers, and witchcraft, Sarah is attacked at sea, and loses her children in the chaos. Years later, her long-lost daughters, now forge their own destiny, and like their mother, seek to reunite. A reunion that will set London on fire, and forever change the world as they know it.