Science Fiction & Fantasy

April 16, 2019


"SOUL" by Dave Blackwell

| Twitter | A snowstorm. A body with the cause of death unknown. A bloody crime scene. A missing elderly woman. An unidentified young girl. A young girl found naked and covered in blood at a crime scene harbours a powerful gift and a traumatic past that changes the lives of Marie and her foster daughter in ways they couldn't imagine. Death is only the beginning. This is the story of Kimimela


March 29, 2019

The Berger Wave

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"The Berger Wave" by Dr Andrew Stewart

| WebsiteTwitter | Instagram | YouTube | During World War Two in Nazi Germany, a ground-breaking technology is developed that enables astounding advancements in the study of brain waves. The death of the Nazi doctor stalls the project and the brain research is lost. Decades later, a young Spanish researcher stumbles upon the WW2 era research, which is subsequently used to develop new technology used for unlocking information stored within the brain. The brain tech is initially used to benefit mankind and science, but a tyrant seeking power and global influence seizes control of the advanced neuroscience program and it is misused for destructive purposes, as a powerful new class of weapon system is unleashed. Tensions rise around the world as countries learn that there is no protection from the tyrant’s secret weapon. Indian and Chinese leaders engage in a life-or-death race against time to save the planet and its inhabitants from Armageddon, in this action-packed technothriller.


March 27, 2019

The Dying Beast of Life

"The Dying Beast of Life" by Hank Vance

The Dying Beast of Life - Kindle edition by Hank Vance. Literature ... A beautiful race of demon women called Fiviji, they fight in a competition with a human partner for queenship in a downgraded modern day time. The main character is the Fiviji Murrain, she searches in a small town for her human partner Kurtus, shortly after they meet Kurtus' mother is eaten my a monster, after this tragedy happens Murrian and Kurtus start their adventure and Kurtus is afraid for his life although Murrian is protecting him with her sword he's fears that another Fiviji will kill him just to eliminate Murrian from the competition.


March 26, 2019

The Onyx Crown

"The Onyx Crown" by Alan Hurst

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | From the searing heat of the desert to the vastness of the savannah, The Onyx Crown tells the story of Jorann, Gesi, and Sania, three children who grow up in a pre-medieval era of wars and successions, not fifteen years after the greatest king in the history of the continent has been deposed and assassinated. When the legendary warrior of Numerian history, K’Nan of Loffri is hired to guide a hunting expedition he is astonished to discover that one of the hunter’s slaves, Jorann, a boy of thirteen, bears the legendary mark of the Onyx Crown, a mark he’s been searching for since the death of his sworn king many years before. Many miles to the east, Gesi is despairing of his life in East Rhydor as a commoner companion to Zoe and Zadeemo, the twin siblings of the tribal prince. Good enough to run their errands, but not learn the ways of nobility, he astonishes them when one day he shows the uncanny ability to match the famous knight, Jorell Boro, in single combat.