Science Fiction & Fantasy

August 19, 2018

Natalie Winter and the Watcher on the Mountain

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"Natalie Winter and the Watcher on the Mountain" by L.R.Hambly

First-century Europe the last once great Celtic tribe flee from a growing power of a new God and his fearless followers. Pushing themselves and their Deities to extinction. There is one who forbids this, Lord of the dead Arawn. Natalie Winter grows from a woman who is plagued by terrible nightmares of a man who watches her from a mountain, a terrible storm that seems to get ever closer and her mother who passed away from a suspected suicide, but Natalie believes otherwise. A love that time itself seems to have waited for and horrors from the forgotten old world coming to find her, can Natalie fight the darkness? With the help of friendship and a blossoming and soon to be familiar love, all hope weighs heavy on Natalie Winter's shoulders, as she finds out who she really is and where her true fate lies.


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August 18, 2018

Skye Silver & The Soul of Fire

"Skye Silver & The Soul of Fire Vol.1" by J.R. Brady

Skye Silver was an ordinary young girl living a typically boring life like most humans. That is until she found out she was much more. Accompanied by her best friend they take a portal to the Land of Astral where she must travel across the hidden country to reach her home region and fight deadly battles along the journey. Follow her as she uncovers the scary truths of her people, her home as well as herself when she finally realizes: Skye Silver Is A Demi-God!


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August 16, 2018

The Last Great Reaper

"The Last Great Reaper" by Billi Bell

In 1820 Death resides in London, where else would she live? During the reaping of a pope, she meets a man who can see her. The problem? He's not dead or dying. As she tries to figure out who he is, a lost soul requires her attention, and she soon discovers that her mystery man is not who he seems. Their stories intersect, and she soon finds herself battling an old enemy.  Death is an entity created by the universe to keep a balance between life and death in humans. She considers herself an outsider and rarely interferes with the lives of a human before their death. As the leader of the Four Horsemen, she commands a large number of reapers and will not hesitate to punish whoever steps out of line. Dominic Fratelli has been a priest in the Vatican for only a few short years, and he maneuvers the holy grounds as inconspicuous as possible. It is on one fateful night that his entire world is turned upside down and his biggest secret is revealed. He soon finds himself learning the truth of his origin and wishing he'd never met Death.


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August 10, 2018

The Faith Principle II, The Aftermath

"The Faith Principle II, The Aftermath" by Dean Hernando

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The Guardians have been reunited involuntarily, faced with the consequences and the effects on the world from Leslie’s world saving faith energy. A new technology was developed called the Mindset Grid, which was set to counteract negative effects supposedly unleashed by the Faith Principle. Their adventure culminates to an epic battle between celestial forces that transcend dimensions and realities, and eventually determine the fate and survival of the whole world as we know it.


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