Science Fiction & Fantasy

April 21, 2018


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"Maroonhair: A Cyber-City Story" by Sebastian Winter

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | The Story Of A Man Who Has Everything - Except What He Needs The Most  With a heart ever beating to its peculiar rhythm, Cyber-City has a life of its own.   Sparkling ads are encouraging its citizens to live faster, to live better, to forget about their worries and indulge in pleasures.  Evans has everything the city has to offer him: money, luxury, social standing, a neon-lit, bright future.  And yet, something is off.  What could be amiss in the life of a man who has everything his world can offer him?  Maroonhair - A Neo-Noir Glimpse Into The Future A masterfully crafted vision of the not-so-distant future, Maroonhair is the story of a man looking for true meaning in a world he struggles to understand.  Written in an evocative, fluid style, the story of Evans is a thrilling rollercoaster of suspense - a true page turner you won't be able to put down.  So, What Are You Still Waiting For? 

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April 12, 2018

The Night That Jimi Died

"The Night That Jimi Died" by Darragh J Brady

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | What if soul's could cross over at the point of life and death. What If your life was pre-ordained as a result of such a meeting as you where being born into the world. Kirsty was born in Knightsbridge Infirmary London, the same hospital that a famous American Rock Hero had died in 20 years before. Could there be a connection between these two completely unlikely connected people. Could Kirsty have the ability to hear the voice of this American Rock Star as she grows up to be one of the greatest Guitar Heros of her time.


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April 9, 2018

Demons & Divines

"Demons & Divines: Burning Of The Witch" by Luke Stephens

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | A tale of honour and Betrayal, and intertwined fates of Demons & Divines. Explore the fantasy world of Annterra, in Burning Of The Witch. follow our downtrodden hero's in an epic fight for survival as they face a foe the likes that have never been seen, as they attempt to unravel the mystery's surrounding the return of Demons once thought extinct and the truth behind a friend turned foe's true motivations.  A city in flames, demons on the rampage and a puppet master pulling all the strings... The grand city of Camalus crown jewel in the crown that is the Imperium of Man. Standing as a beacon of hope unity since the time of the first free people of Annterra, never have its walls been breached and never have the boarders of the Imperium been threatened... A city filled with many races of many colours but all treated as equals under the protection of Emperor Uriel Tiberus. Leader of Men protector of the innocent, loving husband to Empress Aveta and proud father of the young prince Rafen... 


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April 5, 2018

Dragon’s Gap

"Dragon's Gap" by L. M. LACEE

| Website | Twitter | Welcome to the world of Dragon's Gap where you will find adventure, romance, dragons, love and laughter, paranormal shifters, faeries, elves and other beings from fantasy but most of all, dragons come to fall in love. Join Sage and Reighn as they struggle to live in a world where magic has returned, where Sages little baby girl goes missing and the Dragon Lord finds her then all hell breaks loose. The Dragon Lord watched as the little one went from cat to human to cat. “Come kitten, come to Reighn.” She shifted back to human and stuck her fist into her mouth, tears ran down her reddened cheeks, his deep soft voice stilled her movements. “Come here little hatchling, I won’t hurt you, all will be well, come on kitten, come to Reighn.”  “WHERE... IS... MY... DAUGHTER?” Sage demanded before the great doors made from the hardest iron wood that had withheld marauding armies with battering rams, blew apart like kindling.


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