Science & Math

April 2, 2019


"Bigfoot: The Non-Fiction, Factual arguments in favor of the existence of Sasquatch" by Joachim Dale

Skeptic about Bigfoot? Maybe reading this book will change your mind. Bigfoot enthusiast? This book will give you all the elements to challenge your skeptic friends! "Cryptozoology, meaning the study of hidden animals, is a peculiar juncture point between science and myth. Its purpose is to determine the reality behind rumors of animal species, called cryptids, whose existence has not yet been established by the scientific community. Cryptids can range from legendary creatures too fanciful for anyone to take them seriously (griffins, dragons, etc.), to realistic depictions of plausible unknown animal species by a local population, some of which turned out to be true (gorilla, okapi, or more recently saola, to name a few). In the collective unconscious, Bigfoot walks a thin line between the two. Stories of ape-like wild men living in secluded mountains and forests have been running around every corner of the earth for thousands of years, and North America is no exception. But is there any truth to these stories? Any evidence pointing towards a genuine, live animal species? And what does science have to say about any of this?


November 28, 2018

The Canons of Evolution

"The Canons of Evolution" by Askar Iskenderov, Nurserik Kudereev

New Physics. Climate Threats. A New Theory of Everything. In the book, The Canons of Evolution, the authors analyze the contradictions of modern scientific theories and, together with the reader, build an evolutionary theory of climate in the context of the general theory of evolution, as well as the hypothesis of the Solar System formation – the emergence of the world from the chaos of the vortex first beginning – based on new physics postulates. One of the book’s main tasks is to understand the true cause of climate change and present the authors’ vision of the theory of everything to the world.