February 15, 2019

Awaken With Gratitude

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"Awaken With Gratitude" by Hillis Pugh

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Awaken With Gratitude is a collection of true-to-life moments and personal perspectives threaded together in a series of internal commentary. These observations create a new awareness of self. Each theme allows a deeper understanding of how gratitude runs thru every aspect of every day in each moment creating a cohesion. Gratitude is more than an attitude, it is the path to feeling good, the path of acceptance, and the path of least resistance.


February 14, 2019

Anxiety: Breaking The Chains

"Anxiety: Breaking The Chains How To Reduce Stress, Misery, And Live A Happier Life" by Joshua Bradley

With the information contained in this ebook you can change how to interact with anxiety and change your life in the process! Are you tired of feeling frustrated and lost not knowing where to go or what to do about your anxiety? If you take action based on the information within this book you will no doubt improve yourself and your life. I have done research on anxiety and as a person who has dealt with anixety I know that the information in this book can help greatly improve your life. Imagine yourself encountering that task or situation that always causes your anxiety to spike. Now, imagine that you no longer have to fear that place, person, social sitatuation, but can confidently take part of the situation because of the information that you will acquire from this book. If you struggle with anxiety and want a way to move on with your life without always having to worry about when, where or how other people will react to you while experiencing then this book is for you. This book will give you information that you can act on you can use before and during an episode or attack of anxiety to increase confidence in yourself and help you move on with your life. They say that knowing is half the battle, but NOT knowing is a large reason for failure.


January 20, 2019

How to Cheat at Credit Repair

"How to Cheat at Credit Repair & Get Away with It" by Dustin Harder

 I will provide you with highly detailed information and instructions on how to fix your credit score. The methods/topics i will be discussing will all be FREE for you to do, they will not cost you anything other than the one time fee. This will be in a PDF / E-Book Format. Learn the fastest and easiest ways to get a grip on your credit! The topics that will be covered will be: Understanding Credit. Debt Elimination. Credit Score Increase. Credit Cards, The Best Ones To Get & Why. Credit Churning, Getting Creditors To Pay You. All this and so much more!  It can be of great value for anyone looking to repair their credit or build their credit!


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January 18, 2019

Coach Wisdom: The Secrets of 21 Successful Coaches

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"Coach Wisdom: The Secrets of 21 Successful Coaches" by  Divya LV Jegasundaram and Snehal R. Sigh

| Website | “Coach Wisdom” is a collection of personal experiences, industry best practices, tips, do’s and don’ts within the growing profession of coaching, from professionally certified coaches globally, compiled by coaches and best-selling authors, Divya LV Jegasundaram and Snehal R Singh. As coaches, mentors and lecturers of coaching, both Divya and Snehal have been able to observe first-hand the struggles, fears, questions, and doubts that many face when entering the field; hence the concept of this book . From why coaches fail, to conquering your fears, to establishing a market for yourselves, or getting started and finding your purpose, this book has something that will pique your interest whether you are thinking of entering the world of coaching, are new to the industry or have been coaching for years. This book is a first of its kind, and provides the opportunity for the reader to learn and understand coaching and its many facets at a much deeper level, with ideas of how to move forward and build the coaching business you desire – all while nurturing and sustaining your own personal growth .


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