February 14, 2018

Tools to Transform your Tomorrows

"Tools to Transform your Tomorrows" by Skye McKenzie

Lasting Change for Those Who Want a Better Life. Do you struggle with a lack of passion for life, toxic or volatile relationships, a well-defined purpose? Do you feel a sense that there’s something more to this life but you don't know what it is? If you desire focus and clarity in your life, you must go within. Tools to Transform your Tomorrows will help you to adapt to your changing environment, find peace within, discover who you truly are, overcome fear, manage your emotions, and develop a healthy sense of self-esteem and an overall sense of confidence and self-worth. After struggling through thirty years of painful searching for coping tools in all the wrong places, Skye McKenzie finally discovered what it meant to surrender. She has compiled forty-five tools that she has used to change her life, and now she wants to share them with you. Start today to implement the changes you need to unleash your true self and live the life you love.


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February 4, 2018

Begin Lightspeed Learning

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"Begin Lightspeed Learning: Simple Steps To Accelerate Your Learning Curve" by  J.R. Sewell

| Facebook | Win a Copy | Having trouble remembering things you just learned? Struggling with your productivity? Can't manage your time efficiently? Discover the book which will put you ahead while everyone is scrambling to catch up. Begin Lightspeed Learning breaks down all the vital points in the productivity, learning and recollection process to help you retrain your mind. Through the incorporation of step-by-step strategies and thorough explanations, this guidebook will help you unlock your potential and prepares you to achieve any aspirations. In Begin Lightspeed Learning, you'll discover: How to master your productivity How to speed up your learning How to maximize your memory How to recall any set of numbers Time management tactics and so much more! [divider height="30" style="default" line="default" themecolor="1"]  
December 15, 2017

All This and Heaven Too

"All This and Heaven Too: Tough Jewel Exceptionally Beautiful Better Lifestyle" by Dr. Wanjiru Gachie

| Twitter | Facebook | All This and Heaven Too! - Shatters the myth that an ‘exceptionally beautiful Better Lifestyle’ is only for the materially rich - Defies that a super-abundant life is only a once off occurrence  - Reveals religious dogmas do not make a precious Jewel of God - Confronts the notion that only a few can be extraordinary - Disputes ‘All this and Heaven too!’ is only enjoyed in Heaven - Dares you to apply Christ’s ASK principle to a victorious lifestyle  - Rejects that enjoying wealth on earth from heaven is not a birth-right! - Challenges that physical transformation, toughness, and participa-tion in fitness competitions is only for a select few - Separates decisively between worldly and Godlike complete joy, super-abundant wealth, perfect peace and inexplicable love - Links 3P philosophies (Patience, Perseverance, Persistence) for superabundance living


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December 1, 2017

When Life Happens

"When Life Happens: Dare Stretch Prosper Becoming Your Best You...Despite Life's Difficulties" by Marion Montgomery

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Have you always wondered how to apply confidence and to employ the process of positivity to overcome challenges? ​Now you can conquer all the major setbacks in your life and rise above the circumstances threatening to crush you! When Life Happens is the special guide to turning your life around - ​it offers invaluable lessons in self-direction in a balanced way by teaching how to find “that something” in you. This book provides practical strategies for overcoming negative thoughts and behaviors, and building critical thinking skills. It also describes techniques for accepting, embracing, and learning from the experiences of life, improving communication skills and developing greater personal happiness. Within the pages of this refreshing book, Marion dishes out techniques that are guaranteed to ignite your business, relationships, and life. It focuses on five strategies and 21 tips that help people to tap into their “that something” that will help them overcome life's obstacles with joy.


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