Dragon’s Mate

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December 7, 2019
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December 12, 2019

“Dragon’s Mate” by Alicia Banks

#Elite Dragon Shifters: Strongest and fiercest of the shifter clans.
#He is a rebel, stubborn, powerful and son of a King, bound to keep his bloodline pure.

My mate comes from an ancient and powerful line of dragon shifters.
I should feel honored and privileged, but I want that human florist.
She is innocent and beautiful as those flower arrangements she makes.
I couldn’t resist warmth of her touch and heat of her body when she asks for help in the gym.
My mate deserves love, but my heart pulls me in another direction.
When her intoxicating smell enters my nostrils, I am out of control…
And now she carries my baby.
I will turn the world upside down to protect her, save her.
I am ready to fight; I am ready to kill, even if it is my own Dad.
It is time to break the boundaries and the years old hollow traditions.
But… she just got to know I am engaged, and she is not even ready see my face.

She just knows the half of it, what will happen if she gets to know I am a dragon shifter?

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