“Final Diagnosis—No Second Chances” by J. T. Madicus

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In a publishing first, American producer, entrepreneur and activist J. T. Madicus has created a medical drama/thriller novel that educates with real-life medical science. No Second Chances (QUPI Legacy Foundation, March 2020) is designed to put the joy back into medical education and rescue students from repetitive lectures and dreary textbooks. The first novel in the Final Diagnosis series has already been turned into a TV Series that will premiere in Fall 2020.

The first book in the “Final Diagnosis” series, “No Second Chances” is a fast-paced tale of mystery, suspense and drama that also contains real-world medical insight and facts.

Narcissist. Alcoholic. Drug addict. These are not typically qualities we look for when choosing a doctor.

But this isn’t the world your parents grew up in. In troubled times, perhaps only a hero with a history of sin and enough character flaws to fill a textbook can get the job done. After all, one man’s insanity is another’s genius.

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“Shock the world with your efficiency: 15 minute guide” by  Y T

More is less or less is more, or maybe it depends on the situation?

Classic 80/20? or triple pareto?

Meet the triple pareto.
Meet the solutions of the richest and most effective people in the world.
Meet the solutions that will change your thinking and your life faster than others.

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“The Success Handbook for Teens & Young Adults: 5 Easy Steps to Take the Pain Out of Growing Up” by J Omondi

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Today we are witnessing the biggest youth population surge in world history. Of the estimated eight billion people globally, about a quarter are young people aged ten to twenty-four years. The youth also are among the most misunderstood and underrepresented groups in society. Issues like poor self-image, bullying and character development are at the heart of challenges they face. In an increasingly competitive world, however, there is much more at stake. The alarming trend of youth violence being witnessed around the world points to an unfolding crisis that should be addressed with urgency. Yet we demand more from the youth without adequately providing them with the support they require to meet their needs and accomplish their dreams. In this handbook, J. Omondi combines experience and passion to help young people along their growth journey towards finding clarity and success.

If you are a teen or young adult, then this book is for you. It will equip you with the simple but vital knowledge you need to overcome the obstacles that keep many young people trapped in a destructive cycle, and help you connect with the purpose for which you are gifted.

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What You Need to Know While Investing for Financial Freedom” by Ranjit Kulkarni

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Why do normal individual investors repeatedly burn their fingers, and money, when it comes to investing? Why are so many individual investors confused or worried, and at a loss to determine what to do, when it comes to money and making it grow? Why is it that most investors feel ‘I don’t understand this’ and stay away or leave investing to so-called experts? If you have ever wondered if there is a simple way that will help you stop taking those dubious investing decisions, then you need this book.

The objective of this book is to provide knowledge, insight and perspective to individual investors on investing for financial independence. This book contains Basic First Principles, Writings that emphasize the Importance of Mindset, and excerpts from Books on Investing you must read. It is not structured as a ‘Step-By-Step Guide to Financial Freedom’.
Rather it covers (a) various techniques and considerations, (b) provides balanced perspectives on tools and options for investing, (c) demonstrates to the reader how mindset and temperament are critical in their investing journey, and (d) includes excerpts from important investing books and gurus that the reader can learn from.

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“My Little Journal of Big Book Ideas: A Writer’s Workbook & Journal” by TJ Robinson

Character development journal | Series tracking journal | Writer’s log and workbook

When I began writing and publishing my novels as an indie author, I looked high and low for the kind of journal that would allow me to keep track of my characters, the order of events, and storylines. I couldn’t find anything to fulfill my wish list. So, I made my own! My Little Journal is everything I always wanted in a fiction story bible.

This edition contains journaling & outline space for three books, but there are versions with space for a single book, and five books. This is a fully developed journal for authors, containing everything you need to keep track of characters, series information, and publishing information. Never lose track of your stories again!

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The Little Book That Tells Us Why We Are Here On Earth” by O. Kenny

Some people of my generation have never asked themselves why are we here on earth. I attempt to answer that question in the simplest way ,along with illustrations on almost every page. Hopefully it will help the new generations to start thinking.

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