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January 12, 2020
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January 15, 2020

“Gabriella: ’till death do us part … maybe” by Carl Facciponte

To be human …
… does it require blood and bones?
Gabriella West is an android, but she’s special. She lives on her own, she can fall in love, and she even searches to find God. But there’s a catch, no one, except for her creators and the government, are aware she is a machine.
As she searches for a pathway that leads her to become more human, she finds something interesting.
And the revelation blows her mind.
When she was created, a switch was implanted in her, and its purpose isn’t a good one.
Can she discover the trigger before she gets shut down?
Will she be able to become “human” and find love, or will she be forced to comply with her main objective and lose everything she treasures?

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