Gracie’s Gone

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June 16, 2019
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June 17, 2019

“Gracie’s Gone” by Carol Soloway

Gracie’s Gone is. Thriller about the shocking family secrets revealed when six-year-old Gracie is abducted. Two years after her mother’s tragic death,Gracie Cain is abducted at a shopping mall by a costumed chicken during the Easter parade. Gracie’s father receives a demand from r ransom and wires the money to a bank in Mexico. But with each passing day without Gracie, fear mounts and dark secrets surface. Gracie is found, but weeks later an explosion in a meth lab where three bodies are found holds the clue to who took Gracie. Was Gracie’s terrifying abduction spawned by the bitter lover’s revenge, the brother’s greed,the new wife’s jealousy or the carelessness of the ay pair? Or. After Alexander Rose’s harrowing divorce and custody battle, she marries David,a handsome widower,and moved into his opulent Laguna Beach home. Alex and David are committed to providing a safe and loving home for Alex’s three sons and David’s beautiful six-year-old daughter Gracie But forty-five minutes, just forty-five minutes, that’s all it takes for their lives to turn into a nightmare—a nightmare spawned by cold-blooded deception. shocking secrets invade Alex and David’s perfectly crafted life. Gripping and terrifying, Gracie’s Gone takes the reader into the home and hearts of the family when Gracie’s safety is threatened. Gracie’s Gone speaks to every parent’s fervent desire to protect their children and the abyss they face when they fail.

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