In The Eyes of The Moose

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August 13, 2019
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August 16, 2019

“In The Eyes of The Moose” by David Rankin Johnson

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A story of Love and one family’s journey in overcoming adversity to attain it. A three year old girl is alone and crying in a farm field on the coast of Maine a Moose close by helps the child. Where is the mother? As the answer to that question is told a story of her past is revealed and that of the three brothers who grew up on that farm. After their fathers death they leave the farm, the youngest goes to Alaska and the oldest travels to Mexico the middle one stays in Maine. Wild adventures of their travels interweave with their ancestors that sailed across the Atlantic in 1727 from Scotland to Maine on a two masted schooner. Family secrets, passion and courage to free themselves of the long shadows of the past. A story of a families quest for love and belonging.

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