Ketogenic Diet: The Easy Ketogenic Diet for Beginners

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February 18, 2019
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February 20, 2019

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“Ketogenic Diet: The Easy Ketogenic Diet for Beginners, Quick Way to Ketosis, Easy Ketogenic Meal Plan for Weight Loss and Increased Mental Focus, With 100+ Recipes” by Gavin Vadivalloo

What the Keto Diet will do for you ?:

Weight Loss. Look and feel great in weeks not months.
Control Blood Sugar.
Sharpened Mental Focus, cut through distractions and home in on your priorities.
Experience a steady increase in your energy levels throughout the day, no more spikes and crashes.
Clear up acne and look and feel great.
Have control over your appetite. Reduce your hunger cravings during the day.
Normalize your Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure levels.
Reduce the amount of medications required for Epilepsy.
Insulin Resistance.

Getting set up for the Ketogenic life style the right way:

A quick and easy start to the Ketogenic lifestyle. Understand what it is, how it benefits you.
A complete list of what foods to get and what to avoid.
All the essential tools to get your kitchen setup, having everything in place will save you time in meal preparation.
How to adapt the Ketogenic Diet to your exercise goals. So, you hit your fitness goals whilst on the Ketogenic Diet.
What you should consider when eating out, visiting friends and family. Be at ease at any event or setting.
2-week Meal Plan to get you started.
Over 100+ recipes to keep you going for the rest of your life.

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