Knocking from the Inside

Secrets of the Legendary Hero
May 11, 2020
May 15, 2020

“Knocking from the Inside: A Memoir Veiled in Numbers” by Jacquii Leveine

YOU’VE NEVER READ A MEMOIR LIKE THIS, but you will want to follow my nine-year road map which backtracks to the beginning of my story—year 2010. I lie desolate on my living room couch, deciding the fate of my unborn child. My unilateral decision results in a vengeful breakup. In the fallout, I meet the alluring Siete Jackson in 2011. We’re quickly enraptured. But he changes, adding another layer of complication. He slowly slips away, offering himself in small bites, feeding me cryptic riddles instead; and I find myself an unwitting player in my sociopathic lover’s mind game.Over the next three years, Siete and I engage in a battle of wills as my search for the answers to life’s questions takes me down innumerable paths. It took nine years to understand all that I’d lost, and what I had to regain.Told in yearly sequence from 2010 to 2018, my personal-year cycles (found by adding my birth month and day to each year) predict Siete’s coming, my going, and the profound lessons we teach each other in between. But, it’s the spiritual forensic report I create with our birthnames and birthdates which truly decodes our connection and demystifies two questions that plague womenfolk: Why do I consistently attract this kind of man? How’s he a reflection of me? Knocking from the Inside is an illuminating, character-driven journey that will take readers to the crossroads where numbers, karma, forgiveness, and unconditional love meet before arriving at inner peace.

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