Mrs Owen’s Beginning Prepper Guide For Women

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April 12, 2019
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April 17, 2019

Mrs Owen’s Beginning Prepper Guide For Women: Looking To The Future With Joy” by Katie Owen

Katie Owen walks the walk as an experienced woman prepper. In Book One she discusses all the basics in emergency preparation from Canning to Beekeeping, building cabins to creating your own medicine box. Her advice is practical and inspiring.
This book goes well beyond the “how to” of prepping, to the why of emergency preparedness. Too many prepper books offer lists, without explanations. Mrs. Owen’s advice and directions give the reader a practical place to start no matter what the budget or expertise of the reader.
As wives, mothers, grandmothers or anyone with responsibilities for others, this book helps the reader to prepare for emergencies, from a short term disaster to a full-blown SHTF situation. She also discusses the “tiny house” movement and its impact on survival preparedness.
This beginning prepper book is the perfect jumping off point for all beginning preppers. However, even experienced preppers will learn some new tricks.

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