No Mistakes Only Lessons

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February 29, 2020
The Muslims Book 7: Eidul Adha
March 3, 2020

“No Mistakes Only Lessons: How to enjoy the journey in such a messy world” by Pendragon Tim Chng

HELPLESSNESS is the worst emotion you can feel right now. You know you are in danger but you can’t do much about it. Bad news keep attacking all of us – a novel cornonavirus, memories about the Spanish flu that pandemic (1918 – 1920) that wiped out 50 million people, the US-China 21st war, the US-Iran war, a highly probable coming market crash worse than the 1929 market crash, assassinations, violent protests, fraud is everywhere – in religion, finance, government, the medical sector, and a pressure-cooker life that leads to family breakdown…bad news keep coming.What shall we do?Now is the time for family and friends to come together as one. Unity is strength. But it is not possible to walk together unless you share the same vision, care about the same things, and have the same answers to these most important questions: How can I enjoy the journey in such a messy world?How would the US-China 21st century war impact my life?How can I take my life back from corporate dominance?How do good people make tough decisions?What is a wise definition of success?You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I’ve already done that for you!If you want to ENJOY THE JOURNEY, you need this Handbook. It will provide all the answers to these urgent questions. To love each other more, stop quarreling. Embrace this beautiful concept – In life, there are NO MISTAKES, ONLY LESSONS!

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