Nothing Moves Unless It’s Sold

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October 30, 2019
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November 3, 2019

“Nothing Moves Unless It’s Sold: A Proven Sales Process That Will Increase Your Bottom Line” by Keith Pinder 

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Think your business can’t do any better than it is already? You’re wrong.

An entrepreneur to the core, I have owned several businesses, selling every single one of them over the years. For the last five years, I have settled down a little bit, so to speak, working on Wall Street, where I have helped generate capital through bold moves in the financial markets for publicly traded companies on the Nasdaq, NYSE and OTC. While this work has been interesting if nothing else, I always feel a force pulling me back into the world of entrepreneurship. In launching my own business, I get to exercise my creativity in its fullness and seek out new ways to improve the world through the power of innovation.

This time, though, the opportunity that I am looking at is even more special. With this book that I have written, I am combining a sales process that has been used across Wall Street to great effect. This sales and marketing process are highly effective, putting into action psychology-based techniques intended to create the response the seller wants. No matter what your product is and no matter what your business is, this sales process can help you to drive your results to a level you have never seen before. Take it from me – this stuff works!

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