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August 23, 2019
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August 28, 2019

“Optimize Brain: How To Retain More with Accelerated Learning and Brain Training” by James SPEARS

Success is something each of us desires; while each of us may define it differently, we cannot deny our constant desire to strive towards it. In our pursuit of success, we need to work on many things such as self-discipline, perseverance, optimism, and a growth mindset. An important element of this equation, one that often goes unnoticed, is your brainpower.
Your brainpower directly affects your quality of life because it determines the speed at which you learn new information, absorb it, retain it, and then recall it.
If you have always struggled with learning and memorizing things fast, are unaware of the effective hacks that boost memory, wish to enhance your overall cognition, and want to build laser focus to execute all your tasks efficiently and effectively, this book is for you.
This book aims to help you understand how your brain works and how to boost its overall power and efficiency. The guide teaches you exactly how your brain functions to understand the connection between it, your memory, and your level of focus and performance at different tasks.
The book then gives you actionable and potent hacks and tips you can use to boost your brain’s performance through different strategies including hearing techniques, visualization based strategies, tactics to improve your sensation abilities, mindfulness based tricks, and the diet to eat to boost your brainpower. After reading this guide, you will be aware of exactly what you need to do to enhance and optimize your brainpower.

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