Papaya Tree

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August 26, 2019
Sirenhawk Book 1
August 29, 2019

“Papaya Tree: A Family Saga in an Indigenous Village in the Cosmopolitan City of Hong Kong” by Orchid Bloom

In a culture ruled by centuries of tradition, Jessica struggles for her own identity.
She is the youngest daughter among six siblings, whose big family can trace their ancestors back for generations in the New Territories of Hong Kong. Only males can inherit land, and the status of the men climbs as property values rise, while the women in the family remain subservient to their fathers, brothers, uncles, and grandfathers. Daughters are encouraged to only choose vocations that are useful to managing and protecting the family fortunes – but Jessica chose to become a botanical artist and work in Europe. Nevertheless, she is still obliged to return to her village to attend all family events and celebrations, and each time she does, she feels more and more like an outsider.
Jessica’s second sister, embittered by a parental decision that destroyed her future, finds an opportunity to get her revenge by secretly selling off family ancestral lands, before she flees to start a new life well away from home.
Can Jessica find a way to save the family fortune? And if she does – will the men of the family even show her gratitude and respect?

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