Tao and the Cosmic Principle

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April 9, 2021
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April 14, 2021

“Tao and the Cosmic Principle” by MORIGAMI Shoyo

People of all times have always been curious about the origin of the universe and how it came to be. A question always remains at the back of our heads, ‘Who and what are we?’ or, more importantly, ‘Why are we?’. The field of eastern philosophy has its basics constructed on these very questions and on finding their answers. The laws of astrophysics have played a massive role in helping us discover and comprehend the formation of beings and their evolution. The book’ Tao and The Cosmic Principle’ focuses on extracting the reality that exists between all these questions and hopes to bring to light some probable answers.

The book introduces the laws of astrophysics in an attempt to reveal the truth of “existence.” The author’s specialties in Buddhism and Eastern philosophies, especially that of the philosopher Laozi have helped him extend his thoughts and beliefs about the topic. This book of inquiry, in its true essence, is a medium of communicating the initiation of the existence in the light of astrophysics and eastern philosophy.

The author of this book has mentioned how he has discussed the similarities between the psyche as the origin of man and the nucleus concerning the cosmos in the book’s context. He acknowledges the fact that the text may appear lengthy to some. Still, he believes that the intellectually curious will be excited to read about the cosmos, Buddha’s enlightenment, and the world beyond our own. A curious mind will always be sought after answers, no matter the medium. As long their questions are finding satiety, the methods remain irrelevant, they will continue to reach out to them.

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