Tapestry of Worlds

Trouble In The Cosmos
February 8, 2021
The Book of Mhor Rioghan
February 12, 2021

“Tapestry of Worlds : Part One – The White Raven Awakens” by Hadley Thorne

When a global pandemic strikes, Erika Lily and her friends learn that even if you are weaving magic to save the world, there are still consequences.

A dark corruption that brings forth the hidden evil that lies within the souls of man has spilled into our reality. Untraceable by science and technology – it is detected only through the magics of old…Magics long forgotten by mankind.

All seems lost until young graduate student Erika Lily is swept up in the flows of chaos and forced to claim her birthright.

Sought after and pursued by creatures of both darkness and light, the mysterious wolf-like stranger, Felix, helps her discover her destiny to be a beacon in the darkness. Reborn from the ashes of the world before, join Erika on her journey to become the Valkyrie she is destined for, the White Raven of the Grey Mists.

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