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October 8, 2018
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October 8, 2018

“The Black Craft” by The Black Craft

Ties between Witchcraft, Christianity & Voodoo and the Genocidal History of Haiti, the West Indies, Colonial Americas and Slavery

This book uncovers secrets secluded by the evil forces of religion. Since the European and Middle easterner slave dealers ventured foot into Africa, Haiti and the Americas, blacks and other non-whites have had legacies stolen, re-branded and rewritten.

True Historical Figures
Overflowing with intriguing chunks of actuality and data, The Black Craft incorporates incredible well-known and ‘should be’ well-known Witches, like:
✓ Morgan Le Fay
✓ Marie Laveau
Also included are Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner, Harriet Jacobs, and David Ruggles. Sorted out sequentially and fastidiously investigated, this book gives an instructive take a look at the conspicuous job that these people played and how their lives helped change abilities, thoughts, and aptitude added to witchcraft & black magic as we know it today.

Similarities in Faith
Despite their common origins, most religions are not studied together:
✓ Christianity
✓ Voodoo
✓ Witchcraft
✓ Shamanism
✓ Spiritism
✓ Animism

History of Black Magic
Le’Fay investigates the history of the Black Church, the category of ‘Black Magic’, Vodoun as a dark magic custom, shamanism in Peru, religion introduced in slavery, Black American genocide and non-white injustice as it advanced both in the United States and the Caribbean after the landing of oppressed Africans.

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