The God Particle

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March 1, 2022
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March 7, 2022

“The God Particle” by Liam Stirling

If Creation was about to be destroyed, you’d try and do something about it – right?

This is the situation facing Hercules Leek, but things are complicated somewhat by the fact that has recently died.

The threat to all existence comes from Legion, a collection of demons with serious beef against the Creator, who is on a long term mission to bring about the End of Days. His plan is so fiendish that, if it succeeds, it will destroy not just Earth but also Heaven and Hell and everything in between. He really can hold a grudge.

The folks in Heaven get wind of Legion’s evil machinations and Hercules volunteers to return to earth to try and avert the impending catastrophe. No one else is keen to go because after the trouble Her son caused two thousand years ago, God has put a ban on souls leaving Heaven and returning. So it’s a one way ticket with an ultimately Hellish destination.

They say the devil makes work for idle hands, so Legion also has as backup plan to start World War 3, should other things not work out for him.

Will Hercules succeed in saving Creation? Can racing pigeons really be directionally programmed? And what really goes on at a Huge Hadron Collider?

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