Witches, Knaves & Fairy Graves
January 17, 2022
February 10, 2022

“The Light In The Dark” by Shane Laing

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Ornell Chambers awakes inside Gridshore prison with no memory of arriving there, let alone any memory of much else. He soon discovers that he was sent to prison for the murder his wife. He begins to get some of his memories back in painful releases, only to realize that there is a reason behind each memory that is released. He is approached by a man named Mitchell, who knows a lot about Ornell and says he will reveal all if Ornell helps him break out.

Mitchell reveals that he created a serum used to give Ornell extraordinary abilities, which are currently being dampened and his memories suppressed. Agreeing to help him break out after being told who he really is, Ornell must come up with a plan to get the chip extracted from his head without killing himself, along with formulating an escape plan.

On the outside though an organization known as The Shadow Syndicate are putting their own plans in motion. Their deadliest assassin known as Reaper, who was given various abilities just like Ornell; is cutting all their loose ends and eliminating anyone who poses a threat towards them. Ornell turns out to be one of their greatest threats and he becomes their number one priority.

One name keeps popping up.

Colton Baxter.

Who is he?

What does he want?

And where is he?

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