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October 21, 2021
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October 25, 2021

“The Prophecy of the Gate” by B. J. Vanderhoof

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It is the week of peace, a long-established tradition set forth by the two dragons, the overseers of the land. With the week of peace comes a meeting of all the races in the land. Except for the humans. In a world where humans are oppressed by an evil wizard and his Knights of Enchantment, the humans do not have a voice.

A young man named Jyres decides to try to change the fortune of his race. During the process, he is thrust into the role of a hero. This takes him on adventures he never imagined, where he meets new friends from other races, including gargoyles, elves, and dwarves. Yet even as they fight back against the evil wizard, a dangerous power threatens to be unlocked. Jyres soon discovers that he is participating in events that were prophesied long ago. The prophecy of the gate looms like a shadow over the land as the forces of good and evil collide. Jyres and his new friends must fight against a wizard, orcs, incredible odds, and fate itself in an effort to prevent a far greater evil from being unleashed upon the world.

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